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This is a list of backup applications for use with linux.

  • amanda - full-featured network backup system for tapes, disks and optical media for Linux/Unixes/Mac/Windows
  • backuppc - linux/windows backup to disk
  • bacula - linux/mac/windows network backup
  • Back In Time - linux UI client / rsync frontend / "Apple Time Machine" like backups.
  • dar
  • dirvish - rotating disk-to-disk backup using hard links
  • mondorescue
  • hdup - back up to another hard disk or another machine
  • rdiff-backup
  • Unison

Low-level programs and file formats for archives:

  • ar - archiving file format
  • cpio
  • dd - not good for a routine backup, but sometimes useful
  • rsync - efficient network copy command
  • tar