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DBus is like a remote control for your programs. You no longer need to click, you can control a program from within a script or the console. This topic demonstrates how you can get to know more about your dbus interfaces.



okay, we have a program running that we can control, it is named org.kde.karm_18291. Let's see what it provides:

dbus org.kde.karm_18291

from the output, we can tell that one node is /Karm. Let's see what we can do with it:

dbus org.kde.karm_18291 /Karm
method void org.kde.karm.Karm.quit()

let's try to call the method quit - it will probably quit the running application:

dbus org.kde.karm_18291 /Karm org.kde.karm.Karm.quit

and it quits the application!

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