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FFmpeg is used mainly to convert and stream video. FFmpeg uses libavcodec. FFmpeg is developed under Linux, but can be compiled and run under most operating systems.

How to get it

svn co svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg/trunk ffmpeg
cd ffmpeg
./configure && make && make install


FFmpeg supports many formats and containers, including: mpeg-1, mpeg-2, DIVx, H.263, H.264, MP2, MP3, and MP4.

How to use it

Here's an example how to convert example.dv to a .mpg file:

ffmpeg -i example.dv -f avi -vcodec mpeg4 -b 1800 -g 300 example.mpg


FFmpeg also includes FFplay, a media player and streaming client.


FFmpeg also includes FFserver, used to stream media to clients over a network.

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