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Not strictly speaking a bus, it allows the transmission of data as Invisible light, similar to a remote control for a house hold appliance.

  1. the core IrDA protocol layers including:
    • The infrared physical layer
    • Controllers, drivers and framers
    • IrLAP: The IrDA Link Access Protocol ([Linux])
    • IrLMP: The IrDA Link Management Protocol
    • TinyTP: The IrDA Tiny Transport Protocol
    • IAS: The IrDA Information Access Service
    • IrDA Lite strategies
  2. A description of important session layer protocols including:
    • IrCOMM and IrLPT: Legacy support for serial and parallel communications ([Linux] modules)
    • IrOBEX: IrDA Object Exchange ([Linux] applications)
    • IrFM: Infrared Financial Message exchange

Good explanation of IR can be found at gnokii-IrDA-Linux