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Network Neighborhood is the Microsoft Windows name for a way/method to browse the Local Area Network. "Network Neighborhood" has become "My Network Places" in Windows XP and "Computers Near Me" in Windows Vista and 7. The function remains the same.

KDE Equivalent

in Konqueror (the File Manager / Web Browser used in KDE ) type:




and you should see a list of computers that your computers sees.

It isn't set up by default most of the time... so you will need to start the service Lisa. KDE has a kcontrol part for setting up lisa, so it shouldn't be too hard to set up. You will need root access !

Gnome Equivalent

In Nautilus type


to the address bar and your workgroup should pop-up.


Network Neighborhood uses the CIFS protocol for discovery of computers on the local network (as does Samba), so Samba can also be used to identify and communicate with other clients on the local network.

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