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SuSE is one of the oldest and most popular Linux distributions. It is RPM-based, and well known for its stability and for the quality of its configuration toolkit, YAST. There are SuSE Linux flavors tailored for desktop, laptop, office and server needs.

SuSE is seen as a good distro for beginners (along with Ubuntu or Fedora) and enterprises (along with Red Hat or CentOS) as it provides a user friendly environment, with GUI's for configuring hardware in the excellent Yast. KDE has been integrated into SuSE (Gnome and other window managers are included) providing seamless configuration.

Get it

Download an installation DVD for openSUSE from


Sign in with your Novell account (the SAME account with SuSE forums) to SuSE studio (, or just sign up with various social accounts.

SuSE support forums

Novell has a set of support forums for its products, including Suse. These can be found on your web browser, starting at Novell support forums. For those wanting to use an NNTP news reader, e.g., Pan, you can use Tools/News Servers to add Novell's news server,, to the list of servers accessed.

A very convenient way for beginners to get support is the Freenode irc channel #suse.