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A popular commercial media player created by RealNetWorks, originally specialising purely in the streaming of audio and video content to the desktop user from websites. Today it is widely used around the web, especially on sites that stream live or copy-protected content, such as news organisations or music sites.

The modern versions of RealPlayer can play a number of other file formats on top of the custom RealPlayer formats (usually ending in .rm or .ram), such as MP3 or OGG audio. It's most direct competitor is Microsoft Windows Media Player. RealNetworks also have a commercial, paid version of their player available, which is priced on a subscription model and lets users access non-free content from a number of sources around the web.

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    the main RealPlayer home page
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    home page of the makers of RealPlayer, RealNetworks
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    download page for the Linux version of RealPlayer
  • HelixPlayer (
    Open source player that forms the basis for the Linux release of RealPlayer
  • BBC (
    a good example of a site that uses a lot of RealPlayer-based content to broadcast free streams, both live and archived