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This page will help you find ways to search for information in the LinuxQuestions wiki

Use the "Go or Search" search box

It is situated in the left hand site navigation.

  • The "Go button" -- Find and load a page by exact name
    Enter all the characters of a particular page name ( even punctuation characters if any ) and click on the "Go" button (or just press "Enter"). If a page with this name exists it will be loaded, otherwise this has the same effect as the "Search" button.
  • The "Search button" -- Search pages by name or/and contents
    If you type some words in the "Go or Find" box and click on the "Search button", you will be presented with two kind of matches :
    • Article title matches
      This list all the pages whose name contains all the words entered.
    • Page text matches
      This list all the pages containing all the words entered.

Use the hierarchical wiki structure

Start from the Main Page to browse LQWiki from very general topics to particular topics. You can start with a vague idea, and quickly zero in on the detailed information you need.

Use a web search engine

You can for instance use Google and its query modifiers [1] such as "site:" or "inurl:"

Note: Google won't necessarily find all the results. For example as of January 8 2007, the search query site:wiki.linuxquestions.org inurl:documentation wouldn't list the Linux_Documentation_Project wiki page.

Use the "Allpages" special wiki page

It will let you browse all the page names available. You can find it here.