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Anaconda is the installer for Fedora linux. The naming anaconda is linked to the language it was written in Python.

Anaconda tips


If you are a programmer, and you want to modify Anaconda without having to go through the long and involved process of rebuilding anaconda and then respinning an ISO image, there is a much simpler way to produce "hotfixes" for anaconda.

This technique can be invaluable for experimentation and debugging.

Simply export an installation tree (e.g. from a DVD image, or a local mirror) as an NFS export. Create a subdirectory in the root of the installation tree called "RHupdates" (this is case sensitive!) and put whatever modified python files you want in there. E.g. if you want to modify anaconda-x.y.z/, put your version in RHupdates/ /usr/bin/python is an interpreter so you don't need to compile anything, if you're modifying python files. (I don't know how it works if you want to modify one of the C files, though.)