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Apt-spy is a program used to test a series of Debian's mirrors for bandwidth. Apt-spy will then generate a /etc/apt/sources.list file with the fasted server. You can select which of the Debian server's to benchmark by geographical location.


  • To retrieve the latest list of Debian mirrors, run (as root)
# apt-spy update
  • To find the fastest mirror in North America for testing, run
# apt-spy -d testing -a north-america
  • To find the fastest mirror in Germany for stable, run
# apt-spy -d stable -s de


Q. What are the region (-d argument) codes?

A. africa, asia, europe, north-america, oceania, and south-america

Q. What if I want apt-spy to only text x mirrors?

A. Add the argument -e x. For example, apt-spy -d unstable -a asia -e 5 would test 5 mirrors hosting unstable, and located in Asia.

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