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(I'm sure there's an easier way, but I include this for what it's worth. And I used to have a normal prompt before a Gentoo experiment, which inspired some of this.)

If you'd like to control the same app differently without breaking anything here's a process. In my case, I wanted a full screen transparent borderless aterm with a different prompt string from my usual aterms, which do have titlebars. So (1) I put

aterm -name jterm &

in ~/.icewm/startup. (2) I put

# jterm
jterm*shading: 70
jterm*foreground: green
jterm*background: black
jterm*scrollBar: False
jterm*saveLines: 1000
jterm*font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-18-120-100-100-c-90-iso8859-2
jterm*geometry: 113x41+0+0

in ~/.Xresources. (3) I put

# My special terminal
jterm.icon: Planet.png
jterm.fMove: 0
jterm.fResize: 0
jterm.dTitleBar: 0
jterm.dBorder: 0
jterm.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1

in ~/.icewm/winoptions. (3) - (The '<break>'s are for fitting it on this page and aren't in my file) I put

if [ -z $DISPLAY ]; then
export PS1='\n|--\u@\h \s \v (\l) \d \t\n|--\w >> '
FANCYTERM=`xprop -id $WINDOWID | grep WM_CLASS | cut -d \" -f 2`
case $FANCYTERM in

               PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;<break>
                `xprop WM_CLASS -id '`echo $WINDOWID`'| cut -d \\" -f2` <break>
                (`basename ${SHELL}`) : ${USER}@${HOSTNAME%%.*} : <break>
                `date "+%a %b %d %T"`\007"'
               export PS1='\n\[\e[1;44;37m\]\w\[\e[0m\]<break>
                \n\[\e[1;44;33m\]\!>>\[\e[0m\] '
               export PS1='\n\[\e[1;33;44m\] \u\[\e[0;33;44m\]<break>
                @\[\e[1;33m\]\h \[\e[1;37m\]\s \v (\l) \[\e[1;33m\]<break>
                \d \t \[\e[0m\]\n\w >> '
       *)      export PS1='\n|--\u@\h \s \v (\l) \d \t\n|--\w >> '


in ~/.bash_profile.

I had to add a 'geometry' line to ~/.Xresources for jterm because setting it in winoptions had non-optimal effects (though I forget what they were). This way I've still got a normal terminal emulator (aterm) but I also get my fullscreen-transparent-borderless-workspace 1 on startup-terminal emulator. And I don't need Eterm or any other second app. (I still use xterm for certain things, though.)