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A showcase of the liviest and most useful places for the GNU/Linux crowd.


Why this page ?

As we know a lot of wiki pages already have their own "External links" section, pointing to plenty of relevant links in the whole linuxquestions wiki, but it can sometimes be difficult to have a clear view of what most consider very useful or interesting GNU/Linux links. This page should thus showcase what are considered the most liveliest and most useful places relating to Linux so that anyone foreign to the GNU/Linux world can have an instant feel for it.

By nature this page will contain a very limited number of links, so if you are looking for exhaustive sources of bookmarks or somewhere to share new found ones you should rather go to :


  • Underlined sections/titles point to another wiki page with more related links. Often points to a External links section of a corresponding wiki page. This is for convenience, it should not be the start of a vast web directory. You can maybe do that on another wiki page.

This is a work in progress...

Active forums

  1. forums
    Very active.
  2. The Unofficial Debian Forums

Active linux wikis

  1. wiki and its Recent Changes
    An active wiki.
  2. and its Recent Changes
    Very active -- a lot also applies to other distributions.
  3. gentoo wiki and its Recent Changes
    Very active -- gentoo has a reputation for good doc.

Linux distributions


  1. and its Recent Changes
    Development of ubuntu via its community. Very Active. See for general help.
  2. launchpad ubuntu bug tracking system
    Another great place relating to the development of ubuntu


  1. and its Recent Changes
    For developers and users.

News & articles

    News about Linux distributions
    Do not fear the trolls...
  3.'s linux_unix section -- Top in 24 hours -- 7 days -- 30 days -- 365 days
    Share and vote on the latest hot stuff.
  4. Linux weekly news
  7. Yahoo Linux/Open Source News

Doc, tutorials

  1. The Linux Documentation Project
  2. Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition
  3. IBM Developerworks
    A lot of stuff to check, even in the Unix section.
    Very good articles. Active.
    Should be watched closely. Example, some books for the Newbies :

The Linux kernel

    Download the latest kernel or browse its sources online via the git tree (via the "C" column).
  2. Kernel Bug Tracker
    Latest news about the development of the linux kernel
  4. Linux weekly news -- Kernel coverage
    News about the development of the linux kernel -- Issues get freely available after a week or so.
  5. Linux kernel mailing list -- high traffic list, where kernel developement happens. Not for newbies.

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