Broadcom 4318 Airforce one 54g card

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HOW-TO for the BCM4318 Airforce one card

This is a HOW-TO for the BCM4318 Airforce one card.

If you are using a Broadcom, BCM4318 Airforce one 54g wireless network card. Odds are your gonna want to read this. I know this to work for Mepis, and probably Ubuntu also. Maybe works on all of the distros.

1) Open a text editor as root and click on File in the top left corner. Then click open. Now open up /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

2) Now that you've opened that you should see something like this:

  1. #replaced by tulip
  2. blacklist de4x5.
  • Extra*

Note that the # is the start of the paragraph, or the subject. The second line is the action in this case blacklisting. For example:

  1. #Server is a piece of crap not worth having online
  2. blacklist server

So now go to the bottom of the last entry and skip one line and leave it blank then on the next line type in:

  1. #broadcom native driver
  2. blacklist bcm43xx

Just like you see there the subject on the first line with the # in front, and the action on the second line.

3) Save this file, and close it

4) Open up a terminal and type this: ((Note: after 1. you press enter after 2. you press enter))

  1. rmmod bcm43xx
  2. rmmod ndiswrapper
  3. modprobe ndiswrapper
  4. ndiswrapper -l

(That's an L for list btw)

5) Now that you've seen the ndiswrapper list of drivers. Let's remove them..... Let's assume you've got 4 drivers called Wsd33x, Win32x,Red12x,Blue2sx. To remove them do this:

  1. ndiswrapper -e Wsd33x
  2. ndiswrapper -e Win32x
  3. ndiswrapper -e Red12x
  4. ndiswrapper -e Blue2sx
  • Extra*

Blue2sx is different than blue2sx. This is why if your going to be in a linux environment keep it simple. your login screen though looks cool as JoHNBoY. It's a royal pain in the ass when you gotta do cd /home/JoHNBoY/Downloads ESPECIALLY, when it says directory does not exist file not found and your typing it correctly except for a capatilization error. Then you spend 25 minutes trying to figure out what the problem is when your trying to install something in a specific folder. Trust me on this 1. I probably just saved you over the next six months 2 or 3 hours of your time total.

6) After you've removed all of the drivers type:

1. ndiswrapper -l (This is to see if there is any drivers left if there is mop them up otherwise continue)

2. Get your drivers. There are several places you can get them, you may already have them. This includes a CD that came with the wireless card. The internet would be a place to find, but most likely you have no internet on the computer. Floppies, CD's, USB drivers, hard drives(Ipod works) come in handy here. Whatever it takes.

3. Keep it simple. Get these files WMP54GS.inf and BCMWL5.sys

4. Put them in /home/yourusernamehere/drivers

Note: its not always clear cause people just assume. If when you log-on to linux you enter in James as your account. Your directory would be /home/James/drivers. Also note that the drivers folder will have to be created and placed in there.

type the following:

  1. cd /home/yourusernamehere/drivers
  2. ndiswrapper -i WMP54GS.inf
  3. ndiswrapper -l
  4. ndiswrapper -m

--- Now it should say: driver present, hardware found.

7) Now restart your computer. Now your ready to setup your wireless internet. Here are a list of commands to keep in mind:

  1. iwconfig
  2. iwconfig wlan0
  3. iwconfig wlan0 channel
  4. ifconfig wlan0 up
  5. dhclient
  6. Also....... don't be afraid to use the resources afforded to you in a graphic user interface. Specifically, the Administration programs available. Which make it a whole lot easier to set up the internet. I always have difficulty doing iwconfig to get it all going.

Hope this works!!!