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bunzip2 [option] filename

Decompresses the specified filename using a sophisticated algorithm that is up to 30 percent faster than that used by gzip.

By default, bunzip2 does not overwrite existing output files. Use the --force option to override this setting. However, the program deletes input files by default. Use --keep option to override this setting and writes the compressed file with the .bz2 extension.


  • -c,--compress: Force binzip2 to compress the files. This is same as running bzip2.
  • -f,--force: Force overwrite of output files.
  • -k,--keep: Keep the input files.
  • -L,--license: Displays the license terms and conditions
  • -V,--version: Displays the software version.


  • bunzip2 off.tar.bz2: Decompresses the specified file.
  • bunzip2 --keep off.tar.bz2: Decompresses the specified file without deleting the input file.

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