CD/comparsion of open source dvd authoring software

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This is a comparison of free (libre) and open source DVD authoring software.

Free software DVD authoring Frontends

Name Description Backend Author Operating Systems Last updated Initial release Important dependencies
DVDStyler Easy to use GUI based cross platform DVD author. dvdauthor Alex Thüring Linux, Windows 2009-08-12 2003-12-06 GTK+, dvdauthor, FFmpeg]
QDVDAuthor Is a full featured solution to create DVDs under Linux. It offers templates, a wizard and slidesho generator. The app is tailored to handle tens or hundreds of input source files with ease and offers a simple way to adjust the executed commands to your own system. dvdauthor Varol Okan Linux 2009-06-10 2004-04-02 Qt 3 + Qt 4, dvdauthor, ffmpeg, Mplayer, Xine, dvdauthor, mjpegtools
DeVeDe Aims to be an easy-to-use video-DVD creator. Allows to create VCD, sVCD, DivX and CVD formats too. dvdauthor Sergio Costas Rodríguez Windows, Linux 2009-01-27 2006-02-23 GTK, python, dvdauthor, mplayer, vcdimager
2ManDVD 2ManDVD is the successor of ManDVD... Gibault Stéphane Linux 2009-03-27 QT4, ffmpeg, Mplayer, dvdauthor, mjpegtools
DVD Slideshow group of commandline programs that creates a slideshow-style dvd from groups of pictures. Visual effects and audio are also available. dvdauthor Scott Dylewski Linux 2008-12-05 dvdauthor, mjpegtools, ffmpeg, dvdtools
Tovid Linux 2007
VideoLink Converts html-pages to dvd-menu layouts dvdauthor 2006-08-16 2005-11-03 XULRunner, dvdauthor, ffmpeg
DVD Flick Windows only
VCD Menu Lite Windows only
SmallDVD Simple DVD creation tool. Applescript GUI front-end to dvdauthor dvdauthor Richard Hughes MacOSX April 2007 October 2006 dvdauthor, ffmpeg, iMagine Photo
ManDVD dvdauthor Mikael Böhm (current maintainer) Linux 2009-03-09 Qt3, dvdauthor, ffmpeg, k3b, dvd-slideshow, mplayer, mjpegtools
Varsha Ram Mallappa Linux 2005 JRE 1.5, dvdauthor
KDVD AuthorWizard Linux 2005-08-08
Bombono DVD Easy to use with nice and clean GUI dvdauthor Ilya Murav'jov Linux 2009-09-12 2007-05-08 GTK+, dvdauthor, mjpegtools