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Cheese is a program to create videos and photos from your webCam.

  • It is included in most distros, and should already be installed if you are using the Gnome desktop.
  • On an APT-based distro (Ubuntu, Debian, Dreamlinux...), you can just use the Synaptic tool to install it.
  • If your distro doesn't include it in its repositories, consider installing it from source.

Installing from source

tar xvzf cheese*.tar.gz

To install it, find out your distribution.


This has been tested with Ubuntu 9.04 but should also work in any later version.

cd cheese*
./configure && make -j4 && sudo make install

You will probably get a complaint about missing packages, e.g. libebook. In this case start synaptic:

sudo synaptic

And search for libebook. You need the development package, because you want to compile a program that links to it. So, it is not enough to install libebook, but you must also install libebook-dev.


This has been tested with SUSE 11.1 and cheese 2.24.3 but should also work on any later version.

  • Install libebook (libebook is a child package of evolution)
yast -i evolution-data-server-devel
  • build cheese
cd cheese*
./configure && make -j4 && make install

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