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DVD-RAM is an optical disc providing read- and write/rewrite access for computer and video data, DVD-RAM is less popular than DVD in personal computers and needs a drive with DVD-RAM logo. It is adequate for data storage, data backup and archival. Disc capacity is 4.7 GB or 9.5 GB for double sided discs.

DVD-RAM discs don't need to be burned using any special program. Using the UDF file system, writing on the disc is done like writing on an USB stick using normal file operations of programs or file managers.


On DVD-RAM discs the Universal Disc format (UDF) file system is used and full supported under Linux. Most DVD-RAM disc media is already formatted with the UDF file system.

mkudffs is used to format a DVD-RAM with UDF file system. The command line tool mkudffs is available for Linux distributions in packet udftools.