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DaVinci-Linux FAQ


git kernel boot problem

Problem: __lookup_processor_type in ENTRY(stext) fails.

In case others run into this, there are older bootloaders with different machine numbers. Here's a dumb little hack that overwrites the machine number set by u-boot to the one compiled in the kernel making the kernel boot no matter what u-boot has set the machine number to.


Reference: http://linux.omap.com/pipermail/davinci-linux-open-source/2006-June/000262.html


Mentor Graphics USB HDRC issues.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller User's Guide (Rev. A)

How many USB devices are supported?

MUSB HDRC controller supports only 2 devices, including USB hub. This means, one my connect to DaVinci only one device. With or without hub.

You may connect:

  1. One device.
  2. Hub and one device.

It is hardware limitation. No software workaround is present.


  1. musb_host.c.diff could help: http://linux.omap.com/pipermail/davinci-linux-open-source/2007-February/002424.html
  2. WiFi ZD1211 works: http://linux.omap.com/pipermail/davinci-linux-open-source/2007-February/002478.html

Host side

Using CentOS for Montavista DevRocket

Despite what Montavista says in their "Requirements", Red Hat is not required. I have successfully installed (and used) Montavista DevRocket on CentOS (I've also done so with Gentoo, but purely to cross compile using KDevelop).

To get it to install on an OS other than Red Hat you need the file named "redhat-release" in /etc. For my installation this file contained the following string:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant)

That's it!

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