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Distcc is a program designed to distribute compiling tasks of C, C++, Objective-C, or Objective C++ code across a network to participating hosts. It is comprised of a server (distccd) and a client program (distcc).

30-second installation instructions:

  1. Install distcc on each machine that you wish to share compiling between.
  2. On each of the servers,
    distccd --daemon
    Using the option --allow option to restrict access to specific ip addresses.
  3. Put the names or ip address of the distcc servers environment variable DISTCC_HOSTS:
    export DISTCC_HOSTS='localhost red green blue'
  4. Begin compiling on the "main" machine
    CC=distcc ./configure
    make -j''x''
    where x is the number of processors on all servers running distcc plus one. This is recommended, and can be experimented with.

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