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host is a program used to manually query DNS servers. It is used on debian systems as an alternative to dig and nslookup, which are not distributed via debian packages.

host -v produces output very similar to dig's.

# host -v wiki.linuxquestions.org
Query about wiki.linuxquestions.org for record types A
Trying wiki.linuxquestions.org ...
Query done, 1 answer, status: no error
The following answer is not authoritative:
wiki.linuxquestions.org 12857   IN      A
Authority information:
linuxquestions.org      12857   IN      NS      ns2.linuxquestions.org
linuxquestions.org      12857   IN      NS      ns1.linuxquestions.net
linuxquestions.org      12857   IN      NS      ns1.linuxquestions.org
Additional information:
ns1.linuxquestions.net  77279   IN      A