Doom3 on Linux

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Ive heard a lot of people show surprise when i say i play doom3 on my linux box. as a result, i want to share this info with all you gamers out there to get Doom3 running on linux ( heck, it runs beter than on XP )

Reqs :

-Doom3 dvd/cd/installation files -Doom3 binaries from ID soft : -Linux distro with hardware acceleration ( duh !! )

1) execute the .run file from IDsoft as su 2) once done, dont play the game.......yet. put in your doom3 media ( cd/dvd whatever ) and copy all the files that are in the /base folder to the /base folder in your installation directory. once all the .pk4 files have been installed........GO GO GO !!!!

Important note : you may hear garbeled noise while playing, like everything seems to be a really hellish freaky techno ! the problem is with Doom3's sound engine being based on OSS. Several Linux distros use ALSA sound engine ( my Fedora Core 4 does ) so to solve the conflict, in the doom3 shortcut, under the lines passed to the command line add : set s_driver oss

If anyone has any other problems, let me know and enjoy !!!!