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Doxygen is a program to generate developer's documentation out of a program's sourcecode. Parts of the sourcecode's comments are transformed into function descriptions. Doxygen can be used to

  • create classes listings and explanation
  • create functions listings and explanation
  • create call-graphs

Install it

Note that you need to install graphviz to be able to create graphs. Install graphviz and doxygen as described at installing software, e.g.

for SUSE

yast -i graphviz
yast -i doxygen
yast -i doxywizard

for Kubuntu

apt-get install graphviz
apt-get install doxygen
apt-get install doxygen-gui

for Gentoo

emerge -a media-gfx/graphviz app-doc/doxygen
eix dox      # to see if there's an interface that you would want (like maybe mkdoxy)

Run it

If you are a beginner, best start with the program



Error opening map file *.map for inclusion in the docs!


You get the error message

Error opening map file *.map for inclusion in the docs!


Edit your doxyfile (by default ~/Doxyfile), replace

SHORT_NAMES            = NO


SHORT_NAMES            = YES

and run doxygen again

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