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Basic requirements

In order to send and receive Email from your computer you will need two things:

  • an Email account on some mail server (through your organization, privately paid for, or a free web-based one - see ).
  • an Email Client which is an application that will let you read, write and organize Emails.

As an alternative to running an Email client application on your computer, you can also leave your emails on the server and access them via a web browser from any location. You will need an IMAP server or a web-based email service for this. It can be useful for people working from different locations or on a longer journey.

You will most probably want to use one of these more modern applications:

Setting up your mail application

When you start KDE for the first time, KMail will automatically ask you about the settings it needs to access your mail server. Evolution, Mozilla and Thunderbird will ask you about these details when you run them for the first time.

You will need your Email address, login and password, and the host names of the two computers which handle your incoming (typically POP3, something like and outgoing (typically SMTP, something like mail.

Technical note: The port for the pop server is 110, the one for the SMTP server is 25 (for unencrypted communication).

Once the setup is complete, send yourself an email and fetch it from the mail server to check that everything works fine.

You are ready to join the Big Babble now!!