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FooBillard [1], an OpenGL billard game, provides realistic game play either for two people, or one can play against the computer. The game was originally created for Linux and has also been ported to Mac as well as other popular operating systems. The game includes several variations: 8-ball [2], 9-ball [3], Carambol [4] and Snooker [5].

FooBillard is licensed under the GNU GPL.

How to install

Foobillard is best installed by means of your distribution package manager. See install Software for more help.

  • SuSe
yast -i foobillard
  • Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install foobillard


Foobillard has many features, including, but not limited to:

  • AI recommended shots when in birdview
  • Accurate physics for realistic game play
  • Choice of colors
  • Graphics detail can be adjusted to match your hardware's capabilities
  • Network play
  • Ability to create a .foobillardrc in your home directory
    • the .foobillardrc file can contain any of the command line options, but without the preceeding dashes
  • See the foobillard man page [6] for more details.

How to play

If invoked from the console, there are many options: The following would start a game of 8 ball between you and the computer

foobillard -p1 human -p2 ai -name1 yourname -name2 computer --8ball

Depending on your distribution package, foobillard will likely appear in your window manager's 'Game' menu as well.

  • To shoot: hold left mouse button down and line up your shot, then press the middle mouse button, space or enter key
  • Adjust english (where you hit the cue ball) by pressing and holding e and moving your mouse
  • The computer can recommend a shot for you at any time:
    • Press F2 for birdview
    • Press 0 to have the computer line up a shot
    • Press F3 then F4 to return to normal view and shoot


The following controls are quoted from the man page:

Action Control
rotate Mouse moving and button1
zoom Mouse moving and button2
place cue ball Mouse moving and hold b2 after b1
adjust effet Mouse moving and hold b1 after b2
toggle cue view on off No mouse move and b1 after b2
FOV adjust Mouse moving and button2 and Ctrl
place cue ball when active Mouse moving and button1 and Shift
cue offset adjust Mouse moving and button2 and Shift
shoot Mouse button 3
shoot space or enter
adjust strength up down
asjust strength pg up pg down
rotate left right
end game ESC
suggest AI-shot 0
toggle current player AI or human a
restart game n
show FPS b
turn vertical help line on off v
toggle cue view on off c F3
toggle free move mode f F4
toggle simpler reflections r
toggle red green stereo s
toggle help screen F1
birdview F2

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