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This page is to list games that run natively on GNU/Linux, that means they don't require a emulator to run. See Gaming section for more info on gaming in Linux.

Click on the links for a better description of the game, and a link to its homepage. Some games are ports to GNU/Linux. There may also be games derived directly from other games, such games may or may not be listed on this page, but in their parent's page, Doom for example has tons of ports, and derived games, many are not listed on this page, but the parent Doom is.

N.B: a virtual machine is not considered as an emulator. This implies that this game list includes games that may require a virtual machine to run under Linux.


Pretty much any game that wont fit anywhere else.

Everyone drives around and leaves a wall behind him. The others are not allowed to touch this wall.
Buy weapons for your tank, then use it to play against the computer or other players.
A 3D multiplayer tank shooting game
Shoot the monsters and protect the penguins.
Shoot the droids to rid their spaceship.
Defend your nation against missiles.
A multiplayer war game.
Catch the bombs before they hit the ground.
A classic 2D jump&run game. Your quest is to rescue Penny, a female penguin.
  • Tux Kart - OSS, a racing game geared towards kids
  • Warzone 3 - $Binary
  • XMoto - OSS, a 2D motocross game where you traverse obstacles an solve puzzles.


This is for First Person Shoot 'em ups (see FPS).

Network-enabled space-based first-person-shooter.
An oldish, but fun and hard FPS.
A third-person-perspective intense action game featuring nordic fantasy
FPS for Linux


Strategy based games

Colonists settle on Alpha Centauri. The Linux version of this game is from Loki Games that is no more.
A real-time strategy game
A turn-based war game played in 2D.
Network-enabled turn-based game to build up your civilization, you will have to do research and lead wars.
Colonization clone.
Fantasy/medieval theme
Turn-based single&multiplayer game set in a fantasy environment.


This section is for any type of Role Playing Game

Play a fantasy hero who completes quests.
Manage transports as in TransPort Tycoon.
There are a lot of skills and no matter what role you choose, you can level up in them.
City building simulation
Earn enough money to upgrade your ship, ... No network support.


This section encompasses games to make people think, or solve problems.

Move a paddle at the bottom of your screen to bounce a ball to the top and destroy bricks.
3D problem solving game
Make rows and lines of similar looking monsters. Good for a quick game.
Get past a 3D maze in a first person perspective.
An online adaptation of the board game Puerto Rico for 2-5 players.
Fight against bombs in the space - but the bombs are math problems and you fight them by solving.

Tetris like


Simulations are meant for teaching people about certain things, for example on how to operate machines, fly an airplane, or demonstrate what-ifs.

Multiplayer flight simulator


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