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The NX protocol aims at offering a stateful desktop session to remote users, like VNC. The most prominent difference is that NX requires less bandwidth. FreeNX is one implementation of the NX protocol.


In this chapter, the SUSE Linux distribution is used as example.

yast2 -i FreeNX
  • Setup FreeNX:
continue as advised. The NX server is started automatically.
  • Connect to the NX server

You can now log in.


  • starting the nxagent, you get
/usr/NX/bin/nxagent: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Download nxcomp from and install it. Copy libXcomp.* to /usr/lib.
  • during nxsetup, you get
strings: '/usr/bin/nxagent': No such file
Error: Could not find 1.5.0 or 2.[01].0 version string in nxagent. NX 1.5.0 or 2.[01].0 backend is needed for this version of FreeNX.
copy /usr/NX/bin/nxagent to /usr/bin
  • The connection fails during the "Negotiating link parameters" step.
Stop the fireWall on the target computer.
  • The connection fails after the "Authentication completed" step.

you get an error message like that:

NX> 1004 Error: NX Agent exited with exit status 1.
Can't open /var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{CBE6C1DE8281C9A77A5F72F05947EE1F}: No such file or directory.
mv: cannot stat `/var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{CBE6C1DE8281C9A77A5F72F05947EE1F}': No such file or directory
Possible workaround: re-install the NX server
  • You get an error when logging in
Test the connection using ssh, there may be no lines of text sent when logging in. So, e.g. not
hello world