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FreeDroidRPG is a graphical single player role playing game, that uses viewpoint and equipment system similar to the classic Diablo games, with an emphasis on story and dialogs.

The game is supported on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. Since the game is designed to be easily modified, it comes with a built-in level editor, as well as dialogs and events which use the easy-to-edit lua language. FreedroidRPG is free software with everything licensed under the GPL.

The source language is English with active translation teams into other languages.

The Story

The story is primarily about exploring a futuristic world that has been devastated by robots. The player is a penguin-like creature who must answer the pressing questions of how he got there, and how to stop the robots from overrunning the last elements of humanity. Elements are a pastiche of science fiction.

Graphics and Sound

The game is optimized for OpenGL, so best results are reached provided that hardware-acceleration is available. However, systems without hardware-accelerated OpenGL can revert to a pure SDL output mode with will run sufficiently fast on modern machines. Use command line switch -n to disable OpenGL mode, which usually is still much faster than any software emulation of OpenGL like Mesa or some default Microsoft 'OpenGL driver' things.

Certain Linux drivers are buggy, so see the README for workarounds.


From Packages

Most major distros, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Gentoo, have a version of Freedroid RPG in their repositories. However these packages may be six or more months behind the most recent released version.

Compiling From Source

For Ubuntu users a forum post lists all of the steps necessary to download and compile including all of the required libraries.

A more general Linux installation is as follows:

There are source tarballs provided, usually names something like freedroidrpg-0.14.1.tar.gz. The installation then follows the usual scheme:

tar -zxf freedroidrpg-0.14.1.tar.gz
cd freedroidrpg-0.14.1

and then optionally, if you are root, you can also use

make install

This last step should not be required. You can also run the game directly from your tarball directory. But then you should move into the src directory first, so type something like

cd src

and it should work!


An active community is involved in translating the game into languages other than English.

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