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Tip collections

Single tips

  • Mount remote folders using sshfs
  • How to Work on a Firewall Remotely.
  • How to Swap Caps Lock and Ctrl.
  • Use screen to keep a program running on a server, even if you don't upkeep the connection.
  • you can share your desktop for a browser using the -httpport option of vnc.
  • you can establish a trust relationship between two computers so you can do passwordless logins.
  • you can create your own pdfs without additional software - just choose it in your printer dialog to print to a pdf file
  • you can play your old Dos games from inside Linux using DosBox
  • you can record a video from what you are doing on your desktop using xvidcap
  • Ctrl+Alt+ESC will change the cursor to a skull. Clicking any window with the skull will immediately kill the program. Very useful if a program refuses to close. You can cancel this by pressing ESC. Be careful not to kill your desktop or menu bar if you're running KDE or Gnome.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Backspace will kill the X server, if it refuses to quit gracefully. It's referred to as zapping.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Numpad_+ changes to next resolution defined in the X configuration.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Numpad_- changes to the previous resolution.
  • Highlighted text is automatically copied, clicking the middle mouse button will paste it. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V also works for most environments.
  • Hexadecimal ID3 tag editing script
  • SSH tunnels that won't drop dead using autossh.
  • A nice Windows-explorer like utility (useful to look at large directory structures etc.) is the X file explorer or XFE.
  • How to find files and zip them right where they were found