How to run ekiga behind a Dl-604 router

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Router configuration

Dl-604 router

This information has been established using Fedora_11 and a Dl-604 router.

To configure the Dl-604 router:

  • go to Advanced and Applications
  • introduce 4 applications
Advanced & Application
Name Trigger Ports Public Ports Public Type Comments
SIP 5000-5100 5000-5100 UDP SIP signalling, listen port: 5060
STUN 3478-3479 3478-3479 UDP Outgoing traffic to the STUN server
H323 1720 1720 TCP H323 listen port
ntp 123 123 TCP  ???

The 3 first applications are absolutely necessary
The ntp application is not necessary to get ekiga working, nevertheless if not present you get an error message saying that ekiga is not able to configure its connection to the network.

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