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Under Linux, IDE drives are mapped according to the bus the drive is connected to, and how the drive is configured (master/slave) in the following way:

  • Primary master: /dev/hda
  • Primary slave: /dev/hdb
  • Secondary master: /dev/hdc
  • Secondary slave: /dev/hdd

If you have more IDE devices (with PCI expansion board, for example), they will be mapped consecutively.

If you want to see your system's currently active IDE mappings, look in the directory /proc/ide. The subdirectories ide0...iden are the IDE busses. The symbolic links hd? are to subdirectories within the iden directories; a file named "model" in these subdirectories identifies the device model, helpful when sorting out multiple IDE devices.

Partitions are mapped with letters next to the IDE drive itself. For example, the first partition on the primary master would be /dev/hda1

fdisk can be used to get a list of partitions on a particular drive.

More information about your partitions can be received from the command hwinfo.

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