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The iPod is a popular MP3 player designed and manufactured by Apple Computing. It was first released as an Apple Macintosh peripheral in 2001.

Using with Linux

The iPod connects to the PC via USB or Firewire. Under Linux it will be detected as an external hard drive, formatted with a HFS+ or FAT32 filesystem. There are also a number of utilities available specifically for using the iPod, such as GtkPod[1].

Linux on the iPod

A modified version of ucLinux can be installed on most iPods. iPodLinux is currently safe to install on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPods. Development is currently on-going on later generations of iPod, including the fourth generation click wheel, mini, U2, Photo/Color, Nano, and Video. The iPodHurd project has a tutorial for installing Linux on the iPod Nano and also more information on installing other applications such as iBoy and iDoom.

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