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Idesk Guide for Fluxbox

In this guide we will install idesk from source. Best use the packages for your distribution as described at installing software.

Here is what we will need

Download and Install


  • untar it
tar xvfj Xdialog-2.1.2.tar.bz2
cd <filename>(type a few letters and press tab to finish)
make install


  • untar it
tar xzvf idesk-0.7.0.tar.gz
cd <filename>
make install

no need for configure


idesk-extras is .tgz so

tar xzvf <filename> 

next make sure you are in /home/yourname



touch .ideskrc 

and copy and paste this ; you can edit the file to change the icons etc. I like the gentoo icons I make a dir /usr/share/idesk/icons and put the icons I like in there ;

If you are installing idesk-extras from the tarball, first unpack the archive, then: Make a folder called /usr/share/idesk, then move the icons/ folder from the archive into it. Next put the idesktool utility into /usr/bin (or somewhere else in your $PATH) The documentation can go into /usr/share/doc/idesk-extras/

next open a terminal (not as root) type idesktool and that is it. When it opens the first thing add a new icon OK then icon caption lets say its xmms next left click command xmms then pick your icon thats it you are done. Now add idesk to your startup script, I use


so its

idesk &
exec fluxbox 

Have fun