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JOE, Joe's Own Editor, is a very famous Wordstar like text editor. Written completely in C, JOE is an operating system independent text editor.

JOE was writen by Joseph H. Allen with assistance from Gary Gray.


Use this option

  • -asis - Display characters with codes above 128
  • -backpath director - Store backup files in specified diretcory
  • -beep - Sound the bell on errors
  • -columns nnn - Set the number of screen columns
  • -csmode - Repeat the previous search by default.
  • -exask - Verify filename before writing
  • -force - Insert a line feed at the end of file if neccessary
  • -help - Start the editor with the help window displayed
  • -keepup - Update colums and line information immediately rather than delaying one second
  • -lines n - Show 'n' lines on screen
  • -mid - Scroll right to bring lengthy lines into view
  • -nonotice - Prevent the display of copyright notice
  • -nosta - Hide the status line
  • -pg n - Retain 'n' previously viewed lines after scrolling

File Options

Use this option

  • -autoindent - Duplicate indentations on next line after pressing Enter
  • -crif - Use DOS-style line feeds
  • -linums - Show the line numbers
  • -lmargin n - Set the left margin at 'n' columns
  • -overwrite - Use the overwrite mode
  • -rmargin n - Set the right margin at 'n' columns
  • -tab n - Set the tab width at 'n' columns
  • -wordwrap - Use wordwrapping for lengthy lines

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