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This is a history of significant events at the LQ Wiki

Time Line

Feb 13, 2004: The first page was created.

March 2, 2004: The Linux Questions Wiki was announced over The Linux Show[1].

March 4 or 5, 2004 Also made the Slashdot front page.

Wiki Tools for Viewing history

Page History Help

  • last, shows differences between the version that you click on and the one before it
  • current, shows the differences between the way it is now, and the version that you click on
  • date, will show you the page as it appeared, and allow you to copy content from it's "edit this page" feature
... I can shed a little light on "cur" and "last". In the page history, if you click on "cur", it'll show you the differences between that version and the current version. The "last" link shows the difference between that version and the previous version (just before it). You can't directly edit the difference pages. If you click on the date on the history page, you can see that version and have a chance to edit it. But if you do, it's a good idea not to actually edit the text. Just put a revert note in the Summary saying what version and whose it was and save it. Of course, reverting should be a last resort. It is much better to try to edit the current version. (copied from a discussion)

View history of redirected or moved page

Enter the below URL, with the page name that you want to see substituted for PAGENAME.