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Every page in the LinuxQuestions.org Wiki has an associated talk page. The talk page should not be used like the forums or used to chat. They should be used for collaborating on the article they refer to, suggesting new material for the article, coordinating editorial decisions, etc.

Please keep a few things in mind when using a talk page:

  • You should separate your discussions on the page with a horizontal line. You can create this by putting four dashes ("----") on an empty line. This creates a visual distinction between the different discussions.
  • You should also include your username and the date/time in your discussion. You can do this using four tildes ("~~~~").
  • If you are responding to a certain topic you should indent your response. You can do this by putting a colon (":") at the beginning of the response.

Each user also has a user talk page. These can be used to leave a user a personal message, but don't forget that they're publicly accessible and anyone can read them. You should keep discussions about a particular article on that article's talk page.