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There are many ways to help the LinuxQuestions.org Wiki. The most obvious is adding content. Here are a few others if you are having a hard time getting started.

  • Proofread. This is one of the easiest ways to get started with helping the LinuxQuestions.org Wiki. Keep an eye out for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and even technical errors. If you see one, edit the page and correct it. You can use the recent changes page to find recent articles that have been updated, or you can just hit the random page button to bounce around and find articles at random.
  • Make stubs. If you know a little bit about a certain topic, but not enough to write an entire article, just get it started with a stub. People are much more likely to change or add to articles than to start them from scratch.
  • Weeding. Once you are familiar with the Wiki you can perform article weeding.
  • Wanted pages. Having a hard time finding something to write about? Here is a list of the most wanted pages.
  • Tell Others. It sounds simple, but the more people we have adding content, the quicker content will be added. You can tell a friend, mention the LQ Wiki to your local LUG, post a link to your website, etc.
  • Mailing List. If you are interested in contributing to the direction or policies of the LQ Wiki, you should join the mailing list.