List of Keysyms Recognised by Xmodmap

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Not all of these may be available, depending on your configuration.

Symbol nameNumeric ValueVisual representation/Explanation
VoidSymbol 0xFFFFFF Does nothing
BackSpace 0xFF08 Erase the previous character, unlike loadkeys, Delete does not do the same thing
Tab 0xFF09
Linefeed 0xFF0A Linefeed, LF
Clear 0xFF0B
Return 0xFF0D Return, enter
Pause 0xFF13 Pause, hold
Scroll_Lock 0xFF14
Sys_Req 0xFF15
Escape 0xFF1B
Delete 0xFFFF Erase the character under the cursor. This is the same as Rubout in loadkeys.
Multi_key 0xFF20 Allows odd characters to be entered, in the same way as Compose in loadkeys
Codeinput 0xFF37 Kanji_Bangou is a synonym
SingleCandidate 0xFF3C
MultipleCandidate 0xFF3D Zen_Koho is a synonym
PreviousCandidate 0xFF3E Mae_Koho is a synonym
Kanji 0xFF21 Kanji, Kanji convert
Muhenkan 0xFF22 Cancel Conversion
Henkan_Mode 0xFF23 Start/Stop Conversion; Henkan is a synonym
Romaji 0xFF24 to Romaji
Hiragana 0xFF25 to Hiragana
Katakana 0xFF26 to Katakana
Hiragana_Katakana 0xFF27 Hiragana/Katakana toggle
Zenkaku 0xFF28 to Zenkaku
Hankaku 0xFF29 to Hankaku
Zenkaku_Hankaku 0xFF2A Zenkaku/Hankaku toggle
Touroku 0xFF2B Add to Dictionary
Massyo 0xFF2C Delete from Dictionary
Kana_Lock 0xFF2D Kana Lock
Kana_Shift 0xFF2E Kana Shift
Eisu_Shift 0xFF2F Alphanumeric Shift
Eisu_toggle 0xFF30 Alphanumeric toggle
Home 0xFF50
Left 0xFF51 Move left, left arrow
Up 0xFF52 Move up, up arrow
Right 0xFF53 Move right, right arrow
Down 0xFF54 Move down, down arrow
Prior 0xFF55 Prior, previous; Page_Up is a synonym
Next 0xFF56 Next; Page_Down is a synonym
End 0xFF57 EOL
Begin 0xFF58 BOL
Select 0xFF60 Select, mark
Print 0xFF61
Execute 0xFF62 Execute, run, do
Insert 0xFF63 Insert, insert here
Undo 0xFF65 Undo, oops
Redo 0xFF66 redo, again
Menu 0xFF67
Find 0xFF68 Find, search
Cancel 0xFF69 Cancel, stop, abort, exit
Help 0xFF6A Help
Break 0xFF6B
Mode_switch 0xFF7E Shiftlevel two, giving access to the third and fourth columns of keysyms; script-, Greek-, Arabic-, kana-, Hangul- and Hebrew- _switch are synonyms
Num_Lock 0xFF7F
KP_Space 0xFF80 space
KP_Tab 0xFF89
KP_Enter 0xFF8D enter
KP_F1 0xFF91 PF1, KP_A, ...
KP_F2 0xFF92
KP_F3 0xFF93
KP_F4 0xFF94
KP_Home 0xFF95
KP_Left 0xFF96
KP_Up 0xFF97
KP_Right 0xFF98
KP_Down 0xFF99
KP_Prior 0xFF9A KP_Page_Up is a synonym
KP_Next 0xFF9B KP_Page_Down is a synonym
KP_End 0xFF9C
KP_Begin 0xFF9D
KP_Insert 0xFF9E
KP_Delete 0xFF9F
KP_Equal 0xFFBD equals
KP_Multiply 0xFFAA
KP_Separator 0xFFAC separator, often comma
KP_Subtract 0xFFAD
KP_Decimal 0xFFAE
KP_Divide 0xFFAF
KP_0 through 9 0xFFB0 through 0xFFB9
F1 through 35 0xFFBE through 0xFFE0 F11 through 20 have synonyms L1 through 10; F21 through 35 have synonyms R1 through 15
Shift_L 0xFFE1 Left shift
Shift_R 0xFFE2 Right shift
Control_L 0xFFE3 Left control
Control_R 0xFFE4 Right control
Caps_Lock 0xFFE5 Caps lock
Shift_Lock 0xFFE6 Shift lock
Meta_L 0xFFE7 Left meta
Meta_R 0xFFE8 Right meta
Alt_L 0xFFE9 Left alt
Alt_R 0xFFEA Right alt
Super_L 0xFFEB Left super
Super_R 0xFFEC Right super
Hyper_L 0xFFED Left hyper
Hyper_R 0xFFEE Right hyper
dead_hook 0xFE61
dead_horn 0xFE62
3270_Duplicate 0xFD01
3270_FieldMark 0xFD02
3270_Right2 0xFD03
3270_Left2 0xFD04
3270_BackTab 0xFD05
3270_EraseEOF 0xFD06
3270_EraseInput 0xFD07
3270_Reset 0xFD08
3270_Quit 0xFD09
3270_PA1 0xFD0A
3270_PA2 0xFD0B
3270_PA3 0xFD0C
3270_Test 0xFD0D
3270_Attn 0xFD0E
3270_CursorBlink 0xFD0F
3270_AltCursor 0xFD10
3270_KeyClick 0xFD11
3270_Jump 0xFD12
3270_Ident 0xFD13
3270_Rule 0xFD14
3270_Copy 0xFD15
3270_Play 0xFD16
3270_Setup 0xFD17
3270_Record 0xFD18
3270_ChangeScreen 0xFD19
3270_DeleteWord 0xFD1A
3270_ExSelect 0xFD1B
3270_CursorSelect 0xFD1C
3270_PrintScreen 0xFD1D
3270_Enter 0xFD1E
space 0x020
exclam 0x021 !
quotedbl 0x022 "
numbersign 0x023 #
dollar 0x024 $
percent 0x025 %
ampersand 0x026 &
apostrophe 0x027 '; quoteright is a deprecated synonym
parenleft 0x028 (
parenright 0x029 )
asterisk 0x02a *
plus 0x02b +
comma 0x02c ,
minus 0x02d -
period 0x02e .
slash 0x02f /
0 through 9 0x030 through 0x039
colon 0x03a :
semicolon 0x03b ;
less 0x03c <
equal 0x03d =
greater 0x03e >
question 0x03f ?
at 0x040 @
A through Z 0x041 through 0x05a
bracketleft 0x05b [
backslash 0x05c \
bracketright 0x05d ]
asciicircum 0x05e ^
underscore 0x05f _
grave 0x060 `; quoteleft is a deprecated synonym
a through z 0x061 through 0x07a
braceleft 0x07b {
bar 0x07c |
braceright 0x07d }
asciitilde 0x07e ~
nobreakspace 0x0a0
exclamdown 0x0a1 ¡
cent 0x0a2 ¢
sterling 0x0a3 £
currency 0x0a4 ¤
yen 0x0a5 ¥
brokenbar 0x0a6 ¦
section 0x0a7 §
diaeresis 0x0a8 ¨
copyright 0x0a9 ©
ordfeminine 0x0aa ª
guillemotleft 0x0ab «
notsign 0x0ac ¬
hyphen 0x0ad
registered 0x0ae ®
macron 0x0af ¯
degree 0x0b0 °
plusminus 0x0b1 ±
twosuperior 0x0b2 ²
threesuperior 0x0b3 ³
acute 0x0b4 ´
mu 0x0b5 µ
paragraph 0x0b6
periodcentered 0x0b7 ·
cedilla 0x0b8 ¸
onesuperior 0x0b9 ¹
masculine 0x0ba º
guillemotright 0x0bb »
onequarter 0x0bc ¼
onehalf 0x0bd ½
threequarters 0x0be ¾
questiondown 0x0bf ¿
Agrave 0x0c0 À
Aacute 0x0c1 Á
Acircumflex 0x0c2 Â
Atilde 0x0c3 Ã
Adiaeresis 0x0c4 Ä
Aring 0x0c5 Å
AE 0x0c6 Æ
Ccedilla 0x0c7 Ç
Egrave 0x0c8 È
Eacute 0x0c9 É
Ecircumflex 0x0ca Ê
Ediaeresis 0x0cb Ë
Igrave 0x0cc Ì
Iacute 0x0cd Í
Icircumflex 0x0ce Î
Idiaeresis 0x0cf Ï
ETH 0x0d0 Ð; Eth is a deprecated synonym
Ntilde 0x0d1 Ñ
Ograve 0x0d2 Ò
Oacute 0x0d3 Ó
Ocircumflex 0x0d4 Ô
Otilde 0x0d5 Õ
Odiaeresis 0x0d6 Ö
multiply 0x0d7 ×
Ooblique 0x0d8 Ø; Oslash is a synonym
Ugrave 0x0d9 Ù
Uacute 0x0da Ú
Ucircumflex 0x0db Û
Udiaeresis 0x0dc Ü
Yacute 0x0dd Ý
THORN 0x0de Þ; Thorn is a deprecated synonym
ssharp 0x0df ß
agrave 0x0e0 à
aacute 0x0e1 á
acircumflex 0x0e2 â
atilde 0x0e3 ã
adiaeresis 0x0e4 ä
aring 0x0e5 å
ae 0x0e6 æ
ccedilla 0x0e7 ç
egrave 0x0e8 è
eacute 0x0e9 é
ecircumflex 0x0ea ê
ediaeresis 0x0eb ë
igrave 0x0ec ì
iacute 0x0ed í
icircumflex 0x0ee î
idiaeresis 0x0ef ï
eth 0x0f0 ð
ntilde 0x0f1 ñ
ograve 0x0f2 ò
oacute 0x0f3 ó
ocircumflex 0x0f4 ô
otilde 0x0f5 õ
odiaeresis 0x0f6 ö
division 0x0f7 ÷
oslash 0x0f8 ø; ooblique is a synonym
ugrave 0x0f9 ù
uacute 0x0fa ú
ucircumflex 0x0fb û
udiaeresis 0x0fc ü
yacute 0x0fd ý
thorn 0x0fe þ
ydiaeresis 0x0ff ÿ
Aogonek 0x1a1
breve 0x1a2
Lstroke 0x1a3
Lcaron 0x1a5
Sacute 0x1a6 Ś
Scaron 0x1a9
Scedilla 0x1aa Ş
Tcaron 0x1ab
Zacute 0x1ac Ź
Zcaron 0x1ae
Zabovedot 0x1af
aogonek 0x1b1
ogonek 0x1b2
lstroke 0x1b3
lcaron 0x1b5
sacute 0x1b6 ś
caron 0x1b7
scaron 0x1b9
scedilla 0x1ba ş
tcaron 0x1bb
zacute 0x1bc ź
doubleacute 0x1bd
zcaron 0x1be
zabovedot 0x1bf
Racute 0x1c0 Ŕ
Abreve 0x1c3
Lacute 0x1c5 Ĺ
Cacute 0x1c6 Ć
Ccaron 0x1c8
Eogonek 0x1ca
Ecaron 0x1cc
Dcaron 0x1cf
Dstroke 0x1d0
Nacute 0x1d1 Ń
Ncaron 0x1d2
Odoubleacute 0x1d5
Rcaron 0x1d8
Uring 0x1d9
Udoubleacute 0x1db
Tcedilla 0x1de
racute 0x1e0 ŕ
abreve 0x1e3
lacute 0x1e5 ĺ
cacute 0x1e6 ć
ccaron 0x1e8
eogonek 0x1ea
ecaron 0x1ec
dcaron 0x1ef
dstroke 0x1f0
nacute 0x1f1 ń
ncaron 0x1f2
odoubleacute 0x1f5
udoubleacute 0x1fb
rcaron 0x1f8
uring 0x1f9
tcedilla 0x1fe
abovedot 0x1ff
Hstroke 0x2a1
Hcircumflex 0x2a6
Iabovedot 0x2a9
Gbreve 0x2ab
Jcircumflex 0x2ac
hstroke 0x2b1
hcircumflex 0x2b6
idotless 0x2b9
gbreve 0x2bb
jcircumflex 0x2bc
Cabovedot 0x2c5
Ccircumflex 0x2c6
Gabovedot 0x2d5
Gcircumflex 0x2d8
Ubreve 0x2dd
Scircumflex 0x2de
cabovedot 0x2e5
ccircumflex 0x2e6
gabovedot 0x2f5
gcircumflex 0x2f8
ubreve 0x2fd
scircumflex 0x2fe
kra 0x3a2 kappa is a deprecated synonym
Rcedilla 0x3a3 Ŗ
Itilde 0x3a5 Ĩ
Lcedilla 0x3a6 Ļ
Emacron 0x3aa
Gcedilla 0x3ab Ģ
Tslash 0x3ac
rcedilla 0x3b3 ŗ
itilde 0x3b5 ĩ
lcedilla 0x3b6 ļ
emacron 0x3ba
gcedilla 0x3bb
tslash 0x3bc
ENG 0x3bd
eng 0x3bf
Amacron 0x3c0
Iogonek 0x3c7
Eabovedot 0x3cc
Imacron 0x3cf
Ncedilla 0x3d1 Ņ
Omacron 0x3d2
Kcedilla 0x3d3 Ķ
Uogonek 0x3d9
Utilde 0x3dd Ũ
Umacron 0x3de
amacron 0x3e0
iogonek 0x3e7
eabovedot 0x3ec
imacron 0x3ef
ncedilla 0x3f1 ņ
omacron 0x3f2
kcedilla 0x3f3 ķ
uogonek 0x3f9
utilde 0x3fd ũ
umacron 0x3fe
Babovedot 0x12a1
babovedot 0x12a2
Dabovedot 0x12a6
Wgrave 0x12a8
Wacute 0x12aa
dabovedot 0x12ab
Ygrave 0x12ac
Fabovedot 0x12b0
fabovedot 0x12b1
Mabovedot 0x12b4
mabovedot 0x12b5
Pabovedot 0x12b7
wgrave 0x12b8
pabovedot 0x12b9
wacute 0x12ba
Sabovedot 0x12bb
ygrave 0x12bc
Wdiaeresis 0x12bd
wdiaeresis 0x12be
sabovedot 0x12bf
Wcircumflex 0x12d0
Tabovedot 0x12d7
Ycircumflex 0x12de
wcircumflex 0x12f0
tabovedot 0x12f7
ycircumflex 0x12fe
OE 0x13bc
oe 0x13bd
Ydiaeresis 0x13be Ÿ
overline 0x47e
kana_fullstop 0x4a1
kana_openingbracket 0x4a2
kana_closingbracket 0x4a3
kana_comma 0x4a4
kana_conjunctive 0x4a5 kana_middledot is a deprecated synonym
kana_WO 0x4a6
kana_a 0x4a7
kana_i 0x4a8
kana_u 0x4a9
kana_e 0x4aa
kana_o 0x4ab
kana_ya 0x4ac
kana_yu 0x4ad
kana_yo 0x4ae
kana_tsu 0x4af kana_tu is a deprecated synonym
prolongedsound 0x4b0
kana_A 0x4b1
kana_I 0x4b2
kana_U 0x4b3
kana_E 0x4b4
kana_O 0x4b5
kana_KA 0x4b6
kana_KI 0x4b7
kana_KU 0x4b8
kana_KE 0x4b9
kana_KO 0x4ba
kana_SA 0x4bb
kana_SHI 0x4bc
kana_SU 0x4bd
kana_SE 0x4be
kana_SO 0x4bf
kana_TA 0x4c0
kana_CHI 0x4c1 kana_TI is a deprecated synonym
kana_TSU 0x4c2 kana_TU is a deprecated synonym
kana_TE 0x4c3
kana_TO 0x4c4
kana_NA 0x4c5
kana_NI 0x4c6
kana_NU 0x4c7
kana_NE 0x4c8
kana_NO 0x4c9
kana_HA 0x4ca
kana_HI 0x4cb
kana_FU 0x4cc kana_HU is a deprecated synonym
kana_HE 0x4cd
kana_HO 0x4ce
kana_MA 0x4cf
kana_MI 0x4d0
kana_MU 0x4d1
kana_ME 0x4d2
kana_MO 0x4d3
kana_YA 0x4d4
kana_YU 0x4d5
kana_YO 0x4d6
kana_RA 0x4d7
kana_RI 0x4d8
kana_RU 0x4d9
kana_RE 0x4da
kana_RO 0x4db
kana_WA 0x4dc
kana_N 0x4dd
voicedsound 0x4de
semivoicedsound 0x4df
Farsi_0 through 9 0x590 through 0x599
Arabic_percent 0x5a5
Arabic_superscript_alef 0x5a6
Arabic_tteh 0x5a7
Arabic_peh 0x5a8
Arabic_tcheh 0x5a9
Arabic_ddal 0x5aa
Arabic_rreh 0x5ab
Arabic_comma 0x5ac
Arabic_fullstop 0x5ae
Arabic_0 through 9 0x5b0 through 0x5b9
Arabic_semicolon 0x5bb
Arabic_question_mark 0x5bf
Arabic_hamza 0x5c1
Arabic_maddaonalef 0x5c2
Arabic_hamzaonalef 0x5c3
Arabic_hamzaonwaw 0x5c4
Arabic_hamzaunderalef 0x5c5
Arabic_hamzaonyeh 0x5c6
Arabic_alef 0x5c7
Arabic_beh 0x5c8
Arabic_tehmarbuta 0x5c9
Arabic_teh 0x5ca
Arabic_theh 0x5cb
Arabic_jeem 0x5cc
Arabic_hah 0x5cd
Arabic_khah 0x5ce
Arabic_dal 0x5cf
Arabic_thal 0x5d0
Arabic_ra 0x5d1
Arabic_zain 0x5d2
Arabic_seen 0x5d3
Arabic_sheen 0x5d4
Arabic_sad 0x5d5
Arabic_dad 0x5d6
Arabic_tah 0x5d7
Arabic_zah 0x5d8
Arabic_ain 0x5d9
Arabic_ghain 0x5da
Arabic_tatweel 0x5e0
Arabic_feh 0x5e1
Arabic_qaf 0x5e2
Arabic_kaf 0x5e3
Arabic_lam 0x5e4
Arabic_meem 0x5e5
Arabic_noon 0x5e6
Arabic_ha 0x5e7 Arabic_heh is a deprecated synonym
Arabic_waw 0x5e8
Arabic_alefmaksura 0x5e9
Arabic_yeh 0x5ea
Arabic_fathatan 0x5eb
Arabic_dammatan 0x5ec
Arabic_kasratan 0x5ed
Arabic_fatha 0x5ee
Arabic_damma 0x5ef
Arabic_kasra 0x5f0
Arabic_shadda 0x5f1
Arabic_sukun 0x5f2
Arabic_madda_above 0x5f3
Arabic_hamza_above 0x5f4
Arabic_hamza_below 0x5f5
Arabic_jeh 0x5f6
Arabic_veh 0x5f7
Arabic_keheh 0x5f8
Arabic_gaf 0x5f9
Arabic_noon_ghunna 0x5fa
Arabic_heh_doachashmee 0x5fb
Farsi_yeh 0x5fc Arabic_farsi_yeh is a synonym
Arabic_yeh_baree 0x5fd
Arabic_heh_goal 0x5fe
Cyrillic_GHE_bar 0x680
Cyrillic_ghe_bar 0x690
Cyrillic_ZHE_descender 0x681
Cyrillic_zhe_descender 0x691
Cyrillic_KA_descender 0x682
Cyrillic_ka_descender 0x692
Cyrillic_KA_vertstroke 0x683
Cyrillic_ka_vertstroke 0x693
Cyrillic_EN_descender 0x684
Cyrillic_en_descender 0x694
Cyrillic_U_straight 0x685
Cyrillic_u_straight 0x695
Cyrillic_U_straight_bar 0x686
Cyrillic_u_straight_bar 0x696
Cyrillic_HA_descender 0x687
Cyrillic_ha_descender 0x697
Cyrillic_CHE_descender 0x688
Cyrillic_che_descender 0x698
Cyrillic_CHE_vertstroke 0x689
Cyrillic_che_vertstroke 0x699
Cyrillic_SHHA 0x68a
Cyrillic_shha 0x69a
Cyrillic_SCHWA 0x68c
Cyrillic_schwa 0x69c
Cyrillic_I_macron 0x68d
Cyrillic_i_macron 0x69d
Cyrillic_O_bar 0x68e
Cyrillic_o_bar 0x69e
Cyrillic_U_macron 0x68f
Cyrillic_u_macron 0x69f
Serbian_dje 0x6a1
Macedonia_gje 0x6a2
Cyrillic_io 0x6a3
Ukrainian_ie 0x6a4 Ukranian_je is a deprecated synonym
Macedonia_dse 0x6a5
Ukrainian_i 0x6a6 Ukranian_i is a deprecated synonym
Ukrainian_yi 0x6a7 Ukranian_yi is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_je 0x6a8 Serbian_je is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_lje 0x6a9 Serbian_lje is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_nje 0x6aa Serbian_nje is a deprecated synonym
Serbian_tshe 0x6ab
Macedonia_kje 0x6ac
Ukrainian_ghe_with_upturn 0x6ad
Byelorussian_shortu 0x6ae
Cyrillic_dzhe 0x6af Serbian_dze is a deprecated synonym
numerosign 0x6b0
Serbian_DJE 0x6b1
Macedonia_GJE 0x6b2
Cyrillic_IO 0x6b3
Ukrainian_IE 0x6b4 Ukranian_JE is a deprecated synonym
Macedonia_DSE 0x6b5
Ukrainian_I 0x6b6 Ukranian_I is a deprecated synonym
Ukrainian_YI 0x6b7 Ukranian_YI is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_JE 0x6b8 Serbian_JE is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_LJE 0x6b9 Serbian_LJE is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_NJE 0x6ba Serbian_NJE is a deprecated synonym
Serbian_TSHE 0x6bb
Macedonia_KJE 0x6bc
Ukrainian_GHE_WITH_UPTURN 0x6bd
Byelorussian_SHORTU 0x6be
Cyrillic_DZHE 0x6bf Serbian_DZE is a deprecated synonym
Cyrillic_yu 0x6c0 ю
Cyrillic_a 0x6c1 а
Cyrillic_be 0x6c2 б
Cyrillic_tse 0x6c3 ц
Cyrillic_de 0x6c4 д
Cyrillic_ie 0x6c5 е
Cyrillic_ef 0x6c6 ф
Cyrillic_ghe 0x6c7 г
Cyrillic_ha 0x6c8 х
Cyrillic_i 0x6c9 и
Cyrillic_shorti 0x6ca й
Cyrillic_ka 0x6cb к
Cyrillic_el 0x6cc л
Cyrillic_em 0x6cd м
Cyrillic_en 0x6ce н
Cyrillic_o 0x6cf о
Cyrillic_pe 0x6d0 п
Cyrillic_ya 0x6d1 я
Cyrillic_er 0x6d2 р
Cyrillic_es 0x6d3 с
Cyrillic_te 0x6d4 т
Cyrillic_u 0x6d5 у
Cyrillic_zhe 0x6d6 ж
Cyrillic_ve 0x6d7 в
Cyrillic_softsign 0x6d8 ь
Cyrillic_yeru 0x6d9 ы
Cyrillic_ze 0x6da з
Cyrillic_sha 0x6db ш
Cyrillic_e 0x6dc э
Cyrillic_shcha 0x6dd щ
Cyrillic_che 0x6de ч
Cyrillic_hardsign 0x6df ъ
Cyrillic_YU 0x6e0 Ю
Cyrillic_A 0x6e1 А
Cyrillic_BE 0x6e2 Б
Cyrillic_TSE 0x6e3 Ц
Cyrillic_DE 0x6e4 Д
Cyrillic_IE 0x6e5 Е
Cyrillic_EF 0x6e6 Ф
Cyrillic_GHE 0x6e7 Г
Cyrillic_HA 0x6e8 Х
Cyrillic_I 0x6e9 И
Cyrillic_SHORTI 0x6ea Й
Cyrillic_KA 0x6eb К
Cyrillic_EL 0x6ec Л
Cyrillic_EM 0x6ed М
Cyrillic_EN 0x6ee Н
Cyrillic_O 0x6ef О
Cyrillic_PE 0x6f0 П
Cyrillic_YA 0x6f1 Я
Cyrillic_ER 0x6f2 Р
Cyrillic_ES 0x6f3 С
Cyrillic_TE 0x6f4 Т
Cyrillic_U 0x6f5 У
Cyrillic_ZHE 0x6f6 Ж
Cyrillic_VE 0x6f7 В
Cyrillic_SOFTSIGN 0x6f8 Ь
Cyrillic_YERU 0x6f9 Ы
Cyrillic_ZE 0x6fa З
Cyrillic_SHA 0x6fb Ш
Cyrillic_E 0x6fc Э
Cyrillic_SHCHA 0x6fd Щ
Cyrillic_CHE 0x6fe Ч
Cyrillic_HARDSIGN 0x6ff Ъ
Greek_ALPHAaccent 0x7a1
Greek_EPSILONaccent 0x7a2
Greek_ETAaccent 0x7a3
Greek_IOTAaccent 0x7a4
Greek_IOTAdieresis 0x7a5 Greek_IOTAdiaeresis is a synonym thanks to a typo
Greek_OMICRONaccent 0x7a7
Greek_UPSILONaccent 0x7a8
Greek_UPSILONdieresis 0x7a9
Greek_OMEGAaccent 0x7ab
Greek_accentdieresis 0x7ae
Greek_horizbar 0x7af
Greek_alphaaccent 0x7b1
Greek_epsilonaccent 0x7b2
Greek_etaaccent 0x7b3
Greek_iotaaccent 0x7b4
Greek_iotadieresis 0x7b5
Greek_iotaaccentdieresis 0x7b6
Greek_omicronaccent 0x7b7
Greek_upsilonaccent 0x7b8
Greek_upsilondieresis 0x7b9
Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis 0x7ba
Greek_omegaaccent 0x7bb
Greek_ALPHA 0x7c1
Greek_BETA 0x7c2
Greek_GAMMA 0x7c3
Greek_DELTA 0x7c4
Greek_EPSILON 0x7c5
Greek_ZETA 0x7c6
Greek_ETA 0x7c7
Greek_THETA 0x7c8
Greek_IOTA 0x7c9
Greek_KAPPA 0x7ca
Greek_LAMDA 0x7cb Greek_LAMBDA is a deprecated synonym
Greek_MU 0x7cc
Greek_NU 0x7cd
Greek_XI 0x7ce
Greek_OMICRON 0x7cf
Greek_PI 0x7d0
Greek_RHO 0x7d1
Greek_SIGMA 0x7d2
Greek_TAU 0x7d4
Greek_UPSILON 0x7d5
Greek_PHI 0x7d6
Greek_CHI 0x7d7
Greek_PSI 0x7d8
Greek_OMEGA 0x7d9
Greek_alpha 0x7e1
Greek_beta 0x7e2
Greek_gamma 0x7e3
Greek_delta 0x7e4
Greek_epsilon 0x7e5
Greek_zeta 0x7e6
Greek_eta 0x7e7
Greek_theta 0x7e8
Greek_iota 0x7e9
Greek_kappa 0x7ea
Greek_lamda 0x7eb Greek_lambda is a deprecated synonym
Greek_mu 0x7ec
Greek_nu 0x7ed
Greek_xi 0x7ee
Greek_omicron 0x7ef
Greek_pi 0x7f0
Greek_rho 0x7f1
Greek_sigma 0x7f2
Greek_finalsmallsigma 0x7f3
Greek_tau 0x7f4
Greek_upsilon 0x7f5
Greek_phi 0x7f6
Greek_chi 0x7f7
Greek_psi 0x7f8
Greek_omega 0x7f9
leftradical 0x8a1
topleftradical 0x8a2
horizconnector 0x8a3
topintegral 0x8a4
botintegral 0x8a5
vertconnector 0x8a6
topleftsqbracket 0x8a7
botleftsqbracket 0x8a8
toprightsqbracket 0x8a9
botrightsqbracket 0x8aa
topleftparens 0x8ab
botleftparens 0x8ac
toprightparens 0x8ad
botrightparens 0x8ae
leftmiddlecurlybrace 0x8af
rightmiddlecurlybrace 0x8b0
topleftsummation 0x8b1
botleftsummation 0x8b2
topvertsummationconnector 0x8b3
botvertsummationconnector 0x8b4
toprightsummation 0x8b5
botrightsummation 0x8b6
rightmiddlesummation 0x8b7
lessthanequal 0x8bc
notequal 0x8bd
greaterthanequal 0x8be
integral 0x8bf
therefore 0x8c0
variation 0x8c1
infinity 0x8c2
nabla 0x8c5
approximate 0x8c8
similarequal 0x8c9
ifonlyif 0x8cd
implies 0x8ce
identical 0x8cf
radical 0x8d6
includedin 0x8da
includes 0x8db
intersection 0x8dc
union 0x8dd
logicaland 0x8de
logicalor 0x8df
partialderivative 0x8ef
function 0x8f6
leftarrow 0x8fb
uparrow 0x8fc
rightarrow 0x8fd
downarrow 0x8fe
blank 0x9df
soliddiamond 0x9e0
checkerboard 0x9e1
ht 0x9e2
ff 0x9e3
cr 0x9e4
lf 0x9e5
nl 0x9e8
vt 0x9e9
lowrightcorner 0x9ea
uprightcorner 0x9eb
upleftcorner 0x9ec
lowleftcorner 0x9ed
crossinglines 0x9ee
horizlinescan1 0x9ef
horizlinescan3 0x9f0
horizlinescan5 0x9f1
horizlinescan7 0x9f2
horizlinescan9 0x9f3
leftt 0x9f4
rightt 0x9f5
bott 0x9f6
topt 0x9f7
vertbar 0x9f8
emspace 0xaa1
enspace 0xaa2
em3space 0xaa3
em4space 0xaa4
digitspace 0xaa5
punctspace 0xaa6
thinspace 0xaa7
hairspace 0xaa8
emdash 0xaa9
endash 0xaaa
signifblank 0xaac
ellipsis 0xaae
doubbaselinedot 0xaaf
onethird 0xab0
twothirds 0xab1
onefifth 0xab2
twofifths 0xab3
threefifths 0xab4
fourfifths 0xab5
onesixth 0xab6
fivesixths 0xab7
careof 0xab8
figdash 0xabb
leftanglebracket 0xabc
decimalpoint 0xabd
rightanglebracket 0xabe
marker 0xabf
oneeighth 0xac3
threeeighths 0xac4
fiveeighths 0xac5
seveneighths 0xac6
trademark 0xac9
signaturemark 0xaca
trademarkincircle 0xacb
leftopentriangle 0xacc
rightopentriangle 0xacd
emopencircle 0xace
emopenrectangle 0xacf
leftsinglequotemark 0xad0
rightsinglequotemark 0xad1
leftdoublequotemark 0xad2
rightdoublequotemark 0xad3
prescription 0xad4
minutes 0xad6
seconds 0xad7
latincross 0xad9
hexagram 0xada
filledrectbullet 0xadb
filledlefttribullet 0xadc
filledrighttribullet 0xadd
emfilledcircle 0xade
emfilledrect 0xadf
enopencircbullet 0xae0
enopensquarebullet 0xae1
openrectbullet 0xae2
opentribulletup 0xae3
opentribulletdown 0xae4
openstar 0xae5
enfilledcircbullet 0xae6
enfilledsqbullet 0xae7
filledtribulletup 0xae8
filledtribulletdown 0xae9
leftpointer 0xaea
rightpointer 0xaeb
club 0xaec
diamond 0xaed
heart 0xaee
maltesecross 0xaf0
dagger 0xaf1
doubledagger 0xaf2
checkmark 0xaf3
ballotcross 0xaf4
musicalsharp 0xaf5
musicalflat 0xaf6
malesymbol 0xaf7
femalesymbol 0xaf8
telephone 0xaf9
telephonerecorder 0xafa
phonographcopyright 0xafb
caret 0xafc
singlelowquotemark 0xafd
doublelowquotemark 0xafe
cursor 0xaff
leftcaret 0xba3
rightcaret 0xba6
downcaret 0xba8
upcaret 0xba9
overbar 0xbc0
downtack 0xbc2
upshoe 0xbc3
downstile 0xbc4
underbar 0xbc6
jot 0xbca
quad 0xbcc
uptack 0xbce
circle 0xbcf
upstile 0xbd3
downshoe 0xbd6
rightshoe 0xbd8
leftshoe 0xbda
lefttack 0xbdc
righttack 0xbfc
hebrew_doublelowline 0xcdf
hebrew_aleph 0xce0
hebrew_bet 0xce1 hebrew_beth is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_gimel 0xce2 hebrew_gimmel is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_dalet 0xce3 hebrew_daleth is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_he 0xce4
hebrew_waw 0xce5
hebrew_zain 0xce6 hebrew_zayin is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_chet 0xce7 hebrew_het is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_tet 0xce8 hebrew_teth is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_yod 0xce9
hebrew_finalkaph 0xcea
hebrew_kaph 0xceb
hebrew_lamed 0xcec
hebrew_finalmem 0xced
hebrew_mem 0xcee
hebrew_finalnun 0xcef
hebrew_nun 0xcf0
hebrew_samech 0xcf1 hebrew_samekh is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_ayin 0xcf2
hebrew_finalpe 0xcf3
hebrew_pe 0xcf4
hebrew_finalzade 0xcf5 hebrew_finalzadi is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_zade 0xcf6 hebrew_zadi is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_qoph 0xcf7 hebrew_kuf is a deprecated synonym
hebrew_resh 0xcf8
hebrew_shin 0xcf9
hebrew_taw 0xcfa hebrew_taf is a deprecated synonym
Thai_kokai 0xda1
Thai_khokhai 0xda2
Thai_khokhuat 0xda3
Thai_khokhwai 0xda4
Thai_khokhon 0xda5
Thai_khorakhang 0xda6
Thai_ngongu 0xda7
Thai_chochan 0xda8
Thai_choching 0xda9
Thai_chochang 0xdaa
Thai_soso 0xdab
Thai_chochoe 0xdac
Thai_yoying 0xdad
Thai_dochada 0xdae
Thai_topatak 0xdaf
Thai_thothan 0xdb0
Thai_thonangmontho 0xdb1
Thai_thophuthao 0xdb2
Thai_nonen 0xdb3
Thai_dodek 0xdb4
Thai_totao 0xdb5
Thai_thothung 0xdb6
Thai_thothahan 0xdb7
Thai_thothong 0xdb8
Thai_nonu 0xdb9
Thai_bobaimai 0xdba
Thai_popla 0xdbb
Thai_phophung 0xdbc
Thai_fofa 0xdbd
Thai_phophan 0xdbe
Thai_fofan 0xdbf
Thai_phosamphao 0xdc0
Thai_moma 0xdc1
Thai_yoyak 0xdc2
Thai_rorua 0xdc3
Thai_ru 0xdc4
Thai_loling 0xdc5
Thai_lu 0xdc6
Thai_wowaen 0xdc7
Thai_sosala 0xdc8
Thai_sorusi 0xdc9
Thai_sosua 0xdca
Thai_hohip 0xdcb
Thai_lochula 0xdcc
Thai_oang 0xdcd
Thai_honokhuk 0xdce
Thai_paiyannoi 0xdcf
Thai_saraa 0xdd0
Thai_maihanakat 0xdd1
Thai_saraaa 0xdd2
Thai_saraam 0xdd3
Thai_sarai 0xdd4
Thai_saraii 0xdd5
Thai_saraue 0xdd6
Thai_sarauee 0xdd7
Thai_sarau 0xdd8
Thai_sarauu 0xdd9
Thai_phinthu 0xdda
Thai_maihanakat_maitho 0xdde
Thai_baht 0xddf
Thai_sarae 0xde0
Thai_saraae 0xde1
Thai_sarao 0xde2
Thai_saraaimaimuan 0xde3
Thai_saraaimaimalai 0xde4
Thai_lakkhangyao 0xde5
Thai_maiyamok 0xde6
Thai_maitaikhu 0xde7
Thai_maiek 0xde8
Thai_maitho 0xde9
Thai_maitri 0xdea
Thai_maichattawa 0xdeb
Thai_thanthakhat 0xdec
Thai_nikhahit 0xded
Thai_leksun 0xdf0
Thai_leknung 0xdf1
Thai_leksong 0xdf2
Thai_leksam 0xdf3
Thai_leksi 0xdf4
Thai_lekha 0xdf5
Thai_lekhok 0xdf6
Thai_lekchet 0xdf7
Thai_lekpaet 0xdf8
Thai_lekkao 0xdf9
Hangul 0xff31 Hangul start/stop(toggle)
Hangul_Start 0xff32 Hangul start
Hangul_End 0xff33 Hangul end, English start
Hangul_Hanja 0xff34 Start Hangul->Hanja Conversion
Hangul_Jamo 0xff35 Hangul Jamo mode
Hangul_Romaja 0xff36 Hangul Romaja mode
Hangul_Codeinput 0xff37 Hangul code input mode
Hangul_Jeonja 0xff38 Jeonja mode
Hangul_Banja 0xff39 Banja mode
Hangul_PreHanja 0xff3a Pre Hanja conversion
Hangul_PostHanja 0xff3b Post Hanja conversion
Hangul_SingleCandidate 0xff3c Single candidate
Hangul_MultipleCandidate 0xff3d Multiple candidate
Hangul_PreviousCandidate 0xff3e Previous candidate
Hangul_Special 0xff3f Special symbols
Hangul_Kiyeog 0xea1
Hangul_SsangKiyeog 0xea2
Hangul_KiyeogSios 0xea3
Hangul_Nieun 0xea4
Hangul_NieunJieuj 0xea5
Hangul_NieunHieuh 0xea6
Hangul_Dikeud 0xea7
Hangul_SsangDikeud 0xea8
Hangul_Rieul 0xea9
Hangul_RieulKiyeog 0xeaa
Hangul_RieulMieum 0xeab
Hangul_RieulPieub 0xeac
Hangul_RieulSios 0xead
Hangul_RieulTieut 0xeae
Hangul_RieulPhieuf 0xeaf
Hangul_RieulHieuh 0xeb0
Hangul_Mieum 0xeb1
Hangul_Pieub 0xeb2
Hangul_SsangPieub 0xeb3
Hangul_PieubSios 0xeb4
Hangul_Sios 0xeb5
Hangul_SsangSios 0xeb6
Hangul_Ieung 0xeb7
Hangul_Jieuj 0xeb8
Hangul_SsangJieuj 0xeb9
Hangul_Cieuc 0xeba
Hangul_Khieuq 0xebb
Hangul_Tieut 0xebc
Hangul_Phieuf 0xebd
Hangul_Hieuh 0xebe
Hangul_A 0xebf
Hangul_AE 0xec0
Hangul_YA 0xec1
Hangul_YAE 0xec2
Hangul_EO 0xec3
Hangul_E 0xec4
Hangul_YEO 0xec5
Hangul_YE 0xec6
Hangul_O 0xec7
Hangul_WA 0xec8
Hangul_WAE 0xec9
Hangul_OE 0xeca
Hangul_YO 0xecb
Hangul_U 0xecc
Hangul_WEO 0xecd
Hangul_WE 0xece
Hangul_WI 0xecf
Hangul_YU 0xed0
Hangul_EU 0xed1
Hangul_YI 0xed2
Hangul_I 0xed3
Hangul_J_Kiyeog 0xed4
Hangul_J_SsangKiyeog 0xed5
Hangul_J_KiyeogSios 0xed6
Hangul_J_Nieun 0xed7
Hangul_J_NieunJieuj 0xed8
Hangul_J_NieunHieuh 0xed9
Hangul_J_Dikeud 0xeda
Hangul_J_Rieul 0xedb
Hangul_J_RieulKiyeog 0xedc
Hangul_J_RieulMieum 0xedd
Hangul_J_RieulPieub 0xede
Hangul_J_RieulSios 0xedf
Hangul_J_RieulTieut 0xee0
Hangul_J_RieulPhieuf 0xee1
Hangul_J_RieulHieuh 0xee2
Hangul_J_Mieum 0xee3
Hangul_J_Pieub 0xee4
Hangul_J_PieubSios 0xee5
Hangul_J_Sios 0xee6
Hangul_J_SsangSios 0xee7
Hangul_J_Ieung 0xee8
Hangul_J_Jieuj 0xee9
Hangul_J_Cieuc 0xeea
Hangul_J_Khieuq 0xeeb
Hangul_J_Tieut 0xeec
Hangul_J_Phieuf 0xeed
Hangul_J_Hieuh 0xeee
Hangul_RieulYeorinHieuh 0xeef
Hangul_SunkyeongeumMieum 0xef0
Hangul_SunkyeongeumPieub 0xef1
Hangul_PanSios 0xef2
Hangul_KkogjiDalrinIeung 0xef3
Hangul_SunkyeongeumPhieuf 0xef4
Hangul_YeorinHieuh 0xef5
Hangul_AraeA 0xef6
Hangul_AraeAE 0xef7
Hangul_J_PanSios 0xef8
Hangul_J_KkogjiDalrinIeung 0xef9
Hangul_J_YeorinHieuh 0xefa
Korean_Won 0xeff
Armenian_eternity 0x14a1
Armenian_ligature_ew 0x14a2
Armenian_full_stop 0x14a3 Armenian_verjaket is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_parenright 0x14a4
Armenian_parenleft 0x14a5
Armenian_guillemotright 0x14a6
Armenian_guillemotleft 0x14a7
Armenian_em_dash 0x14a8
Armenian_dot 0x14a9 Armenian_mijaket is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_separation_mark 0x14aa Armenian_but is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_comma 0x14ab
Armenian_en_dash 0x14ac
Armenian_hyphen 0x14ad Armenian_yentamna is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_ellipsis 0x14ae
Armenian_exclam 0x14af Armenian_amanak is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_accent 0x14b0 Armenian_shesht is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_question 0x14b1 Armenian_paruyk is a deprecated synonym
Armenian_AYB 0x14b2
Armenian_ayb 0x14b3
Armenian_BEN 0x14b4
Armenian_ben 0x14b5
Armenian_GIM 0x14b6
Armenian_gim 0x14b7
Armenian_DA 0x14b8
Armenian_da 0x14b9
Armenian_YECH 0x14ba
Armenian_yech 0x14bb
Armenian_ZA 0x14bc
Armenian_za 0x14bd
Armenian_E 0x14be
Armenian_e 0x14bf
Armenian_AT 0x14c0
Armenian_at 0x14c1
Armenian_TO 0x14c2
Armenian_to 0x14c3
Armenian_ZHE 0x14c4
Armenian_zhe 0x14c5
Armenian_INI 0x14c6
Armenian_ini 0x14c7
Armenian_LYUN 0x14c8
Armenian_lyun 0x14c9
Armenian_KHE 0x14ca
Armenian_khe 0x14cb
Armenian_TSA 0x14cc
Armenian_tsa 0x14cd
Armenian_KEN 0x14ce
Armenian_ken 0x14cf
Armenian_HO 0x14d0
Armenian_ho 0x14d1
Armenian_DZA 0x14d2
Armenian_dza 0x14d3
Armenian_GHAT 0x14d4
Armenian_ghat 0x14d5
Armenian_TCHE 0x14d6
Armenian_tche 0x14d7
Armenian_MEN 0x14d8
Armenian_men 0x14d9
Armenian_HI 0x14da
Armenian_hi 0x14db
Armenian_NU 0x14dc
Armenian_nu 0x14dd
Armenian_SHA 0x14de
Armenian_sha 0x14df
Armenian_VO 0x14e0
Armenian_vo 0x14e1
Armenian_CHA 0x14e2
Armenian_cha 0x14e3
Armenian_PE 0x14e4
Armenian_pe 0x14e5
Armenian_JE 0x14e6
Armenian_je 0x14e7
Armenian_RA 0x14e8
Armenian_ra 0x14e9
Armenian_SE 0x14ea
Armenian_se 0x14eb
Armenian_VEV 0x14ec
Armenian_vev 0x14ed
Armenian_TYUN 0x14ee
Armenian_tyun 0x14ef
Armenian_RE 0x14f0
Armenian_re 0x14f1
Armenian_TSO 0x14f2
Armenian_tso 0x14f3
Armenian_VYUN 0x14f4
Armenian_vyun 0x14f5
Armenian_PYUR 0x14f6
Armenian_pyur 0x14f7
Armenian_KE 0x14f8
Armenian_ke 0x14f9
Armenian_O 0x14fa
Armenian_o 0x14fb
Armenian_FE 0x14fc
Armenian_fe 0x14fd
Armenian_apostrophe 0x14fe
Armenian_section_sign 0x14ff
Georgian_an 0x15d0
Georgian_ban 0x15d1
Georgian_gan 0x15d2
Georgian_don 0x15d3
Georgian_en 0x15d4
Georgian_vin 0x15d5
Georgian_zen 0x15d6
Georgian_tan 0x15d7
Georgian_in 0x15d8
Georgian_kan 0x15d9
Georgian_las 0x15da
Georgian_man 0x15db
Georgian_nar 0x15dc
Georgian_on 0x15dd
Georgian_par 0x15de
Georgian_zhar 0x15df
Georgian_rae 0x15e0
Georgian_san 0x15e1
Georgian_tar 0x15e2
Georgian_un 0x15e3
Georgian_phar 0x15e4
Georgian_khar 0x15e5
Georgian_ghan 0x15e6
Georgian_qar 0x15e7
Georgian_shin 0x15e8
Georgian_chin 0x15e9
Georgian_can 0x15ea
Georgian_jil 0x15eb
Georgian_cil 0x15ec
Georgian_char 0x15ed
Georgian_xan 0x15ee
Georgian_jhan 0x15ef
Georgian_hae 0x15f0
Georgian_he 0x15f1
Georgian_hie 0x15f2
Georgian_we 0x15f3
Georgian_har 0x15f4
Georgian_hoe 0x15f5
Georgian_fi 0x15f6
Ccedillaabovedot 0x16a2
Xabovedot 0x16a3
Qabovedot 0x16a5
IE 0x16a7
UO 0x16a8
Zstroke 0x16a9
ccedillaabovedot 0x16b2
xabovedot 0x16b3
qabovedot 0x16b5
ie 0x16b7
uo 0x16b8
zstroke 0x16b9
SCHWA 0x16c6
schwa 0x16f6
Lbelowdot 0x16d1
Lstrokebelowdot 0x16d2
lbelowdot 0x16e1
lstrokebelowdot 0x16e2
Gtilde 0x16d3
gtilde 0x16e3
Abelowdot 0x1ea0
abelowdot 0x1ea1
Ahook 0x1ea2
ahook 0x1ea3
Acircumflexacute 0x1ea4
acircumflexacute 0x1ea5
Acircumflexgrave 0x1ea6
acircumflexgrave 0x1ea7
Acircumflexhook 0x1ea8
acircumflexhook 0x1ea9
Acircumflextilde 0x1eaa
acircumflextilde 0x1eab
Acircumflexbelowdot 0x1eac
acircumflexbelowdot 0x1ead
Abreveacute 0x1eae
abreveacute 0x1eaf
Abrevegrave 0x1eb0
abrevegrave 0x1eb1
Abrevehook 0x1eb2
abrevehook 0x1eb3
Abrevetilde 0x1eb4
abrevetilde 0x1eb5
Abrevebelowdot 0x1eb6
abrevebelowdot 0x1eb7
Ebelowdot 0x1eb8
ebelowdot 0x1eb9
Ehook 0x1eba
ehook 0x1ebb
Etilde 0x1ebc
etilde 0x1ebd
Ecircumflexacute 0x1ebe
ecircumflexacute 0x1ebf
Ecircumflexgrave 0x1ec0
ecircumflexgrave 0x1ec1
Ecircumflexhook 0x1ec2
ecircumflexhook 0x1ec3
Ecircumflextilde 0x1ec4
ecircumflextilde 0x1ec5
Ecircumflexbelowdot 0x1ec6
ecircumflexbelowdot 0x1ec7
Ihook 0x1ec8
ihook 0x1ec9
Ibelowdot 0x1eca
ibelowdot 0x1ecb
Obelowdot 0x1ecc
obelowdot 0x1ecd
Ohook 0x1ece
ohook 0x1ecf
Ocircumflexacute 0x1ed0
ocircumflexacute 0x1ed1
Ocircumflexgrave 0x1ed2
ocircumflexgrave 0x1ed3
Ocircumflexhook 0x1ed4
ocircumflexhook 0x1ed5
Ocircumflextilde 0x1ed6
ocircumflextilde 0x1ed7
Ocircumflexbelowdot 0x1ed8
ocircumflexbelowdot 0x1ed9
Ohornacute 0x1eda
ohornacute 0x1edb
Ohorngrave 0x1edc
ohorngrave 0x1edd
Ohornhook 0x1ede
ohornhook 0x1edf
Ohorntilde 0x1ee0
ohorntilde 0x1ee1
Ohornbelowdot 0x1ee2
ohornbelowdot 0x1ee3
Ubelowdot 0x1ee4
ubelowdot 0x1ee5
Uhook 0x1ee6
uhook 0x1ee7
Uhornacute 0x1ee8
uhornacute 0x1ee9
Uhorngrave 0x1eea
uhorngrave 0x1eeb
Uhornhook 0x1eec
uhornhook 0x1eed
Uhorntilde 0x1eee
uhorntilde 0x1eef
Uhornbelowdot 0x1ef0
uhornbelowdot 0x1ef1
Ybelowdot 0x1ef4
ybelowdot 0x1ef5
Yhook 0x1ef6
yhook 0x1ef7
Ytilde 0x1ef8
ytilde 0x1ef9
Ohorn 0x1efa U+01a0
ohorn 0x1efb U+01a1
Uhorn 0x1efc U+01af
uhorn 0x1efd U+01b0
combining_tilde 0x1e9f U+0303
combining_grave 0x1ef2 U+0300
combining_acute 0x1ef3 U+0301
combining_hook 0x1efe U+0309
combining_belowdot 0x1eff U+0323
EcuSign 0x20a0
ColonSign 0x20a1
CruzeiroSign 0x20a2
FFrancSign 0x20a3
LiraSign 0x20a4
MillSign 0x20a5
NairaSign 0x20a6
PesetaSign 0x20a7
RupeeSign 0x20a8
WonSign 0x20a9
NewSheqelSign 0x20aa
DongSign 0x20ab
EuroSign 0x20ac

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