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Lynx is the classic text based web browser. You run it right from the CLI -- no X Window System required. Links is one of several other console browsers whose feature set differs from Lynx's.

It is a good idea to have lynx installed on a system so you can access web pages when no graphical environmnent is available or when you are ssh'ed in. Lynx is not typically for daily use, though it is quite useful when troubleshooting an X configuration that won't load. The main commands are up and down (arrow keys) to move through a page, left and right to follow links, 'g' to go to an arbitrary webpage, and 'q' to quit.


  • Start up Lynx with the default home page:
$ lynx
  • Open file.html in Lynx:
$ lynx file.html
  • Open an external URL in Lynx:
$ lynx
  • View the source of a web page in a terminal window:
$ lynx -source -dump URL |less

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