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MADWiFi: Multimode Atheros Driver for WiFi.

MADWiFi is the driver for Atheros chipsets such as the AR5210, AR5211, and the AR5212. It's "multimode" because some of the chips are 802.11 a/b/g:

  • 5210 802.11a
  • 5211 802.11a/b
  • 5212 802.11a/b/g

Installing MADWiFi

You will need the kernel sources to compile MADWiFi. MADWiFi hasn't made any releases yet (as of 06.2005), so you will have to get it from the Subversion repository. Fortunately, that hard part is done already: [1]. All you have to do is download the latest .tar.gz. Extract, enter the directory, run:

 $ make

Then as root:

 # make install

Refer to the Newbie Howto for more in-detail instructions.

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