Magnia SG20

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The Magnia SG20 comes with a 566 MHz Intel Celeron CPU, at least 128MB of ECC RAM, and two 2 1/2" diskdrive bays. The SG20 shares the same front panel as the other Magnia models with a two line LCD display, a select button and a power button. The back panel has a WAN port, 7 LAN ports (on a hub along with one uplink/crossover port). There is one PCMCIA slot, intended for a WiFi wireless card, a parallel printer port and an RJ11 dial-up phone jack.

The SG20 was introduced when the Magnia_SG10 was phased out. It last shipped from Toshiba with build v2.6.0-72 and several downloaded updates. The Magnia product line has been discontinued in the US.