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mkinitrd is a script used to create an initrd filesystem.

For example, to create an initrd that contains the modules required for booting from a strange device one might use:

mkinitrd -o myinitrd

The file myinitrd could then be placed in the /boot filesystem and loaded by the kernel at start time.


mkinitrd [-k] [-d confdir] [-m command] -o outfile [-r root] [version]

Do not delete the temporary working directory.
-d confdir
The configuration directory is usually /etc/mkinitrd -- use this to override.
-m command
Override the command that creates the initrd filesystem.
-o outfile
The file to create the initrd filesystem inside.
-r root
Override the root options.
The kernel version to use (the currently running kernel by default).

See also

man mkinitrd