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There is no manual page describing the mondorestore operation. This page is to document the results of running it with trial an error. I wanted to restore one subdirectory from a full backup of a directory containing it. The iso files were on the hard drive, so I did not have to create CDROMs.

I executed mondorestore with no parameters, to restore one subdirectory from a full backup of a directory containing it. It failed because it couldn't find the iso files: Mondo remembered where they were, and I had moved them.

You have to have the iso files in the same directory they were created in during the backup. I corrected this by creating soft links.

The restore procedure when the source iso files are on hard disk

  • Execute mondorestore as root. Click OK.
  • Select the source for the restore. In this case Hard Disk.
  • Enter the full path that contains your ISO images. Must be the same path used for the backup. Enter OK
  • The top level of a filelist displays.
  • Arrow to the top directory that you are interested in.
  • Tab to More; press Enter.
  • Subdirectories are added to the display.
  • Tab past OK; arrow to the subdirectory you want.
  • Repeat until you get to the directory or file you want to restore.
  • Press enter to mark it for restore. You can unmark it by pressing Enter again.
  • Tab to OK; press Enter.
  • "Are you happy" displays; press yes.
  • Restore files to where? I entered /tmp

Mondorestore then begins the restore for the files and directories you marked. It provides good progress indicators, but is excruciatingly slow, but much preferable to my previous procedure, which required rebooting to Windows XP to run Drive Image. Mondorestore correctly restored my data.

The restore procedure when the source iso files were burned to CDs

The procedure is the same, except you select CD-R or CD-RW for the restore source, and you will be periodically prompted to insert the next media. I think that DVD-R is treated as CD-R, and DVD+RW is treated as CD-RW, but I have not tested it, and support for DVD may be in version 1.7, which I have not tested.

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