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Sony's SonicStage software which allows the transfer of songs to and from the Walkman series has not been ported to Linux. Two Sourceforge projects, NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager (dead) and Symphonic (NW-E00x's Mp3 File Manager's updated successor), have been setup to address this problem.

Walkman Tutorial

NOTE: Symphonic is a much easier to use successor to NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager that only requires you to have a folder man OMGAUDIO or omgaudio in the root directory of the player. No extraneous workaround, as for NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager after the Symphonic tutorial below, is required.

Here is a quick tutorial for Symphonic (not the outdated NW-E00f below), tested on the NW-E003f with Ubuntu 7.10

1. Download Symphonic from here and extract it to the root directory of the Walkman.

2. Make sure you have a folder named OMGAUDIO or omgaudio.  If you have this and Symphonic doesn't work erase your current folder
   and create a new empty one (the one created by SonicStage may not work)

3. Open the resulting JSymphonic folder.

4. Run JSymphonic_x.x.x.jar, three examples given below (x's in place of version numbers, example of full filename is 

   a. From the command line, with the JSymphonic folder as the working directory, type java -jar JSymphonic_x.x.x.jar

   b. Using Gnome right-click on JSymphonic_x.x.x.jar and select "Open with Java 6 Runtime"

   c. Or, using Gnome, right-click on the jar file, select properties, select the "open with" tab, and pick "Java 6 Runtime".
      Now every time one double-clicks the jar file it will automatically open.

Here is a small tutorial, tested on the NW-E003f with Ubuntu 7.10.

Note: These first nine steps may not be necessary, you might be able to just erase the root directory of you walkman, DO NOT FORMAT IT WITH YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM!!!!, only format the Walkman as outlined below, or as outlined in the Operation Guide, which came on the CD in the Walkman packaging.

1. Take your Walkman, hold the HOME button until the advanced menu appears.

2. Go over to the fourth icon (on the NW-E003f), it looks like a file folder with a bidirectional-horizontal arrow in it.

3. Press play/stop

4. Press fast forward until you get to the advanced menu

5. Press play/stop

6. Press fast forward until you get to initialize

7. Press play/stop

8. Press fast forward until you get format

9. press play/stop to format

10. Goto and download NW-E00X_MP3_File_Manager-0.13.jar and the OMGAUDIO.ZIP.

11. place nwe00xmp3man.jar and OMGAUDIO.ZIP in the root directory of the walkman.

12. unzip OMGAUDIO to the walkman root directory.

13. Open up a command window and change the working directory to the root directory of the player (if the walkman is the only usb storage device is hooked up to ubuntu it should be /media/disk)

14. type: chmod 700 NW-E00X_MP3_File_Manager-0.13.jar to make it executeable.

15. type ./NW-E00X_MP3_File_Manager-0.13.jar

16. Voila, now you can dump files onto your Walkman. Just remember to change to /media/disk and type ./NW-E00X_MP3_File_Manager-0.13.jar whenever you want to run the program.