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Mutagenix is a suite of Slackware based LiveCDs.

Currently, the suite consists of a rescue disk and Freerock GNOME desktop disk; the desktop disk has the rescue disk as the underpinning foundation with all the tools that come with a rescue disk available.

Mutagenix is built on Slackware Linux and uses Slapt-Get as the foundation for the Mutagenix build system. A simple hard-drive installation tool is included. The build system is available for download in the download sections and includes copious notes on building the kernel and supporting software for making your own LiveCD.

As of version 8.1, Slackware only includes the KDE desktop environment; however, one of several GNOME desktop environment are provided by Freerock GNOME that utilizes the same package management as Slackware with the addition of Slapt-Get and GSlapt (GTK based slapt-get) that includes dependency checking.