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Mutt is a colored text-/console-based email application or MUA. It is similar to Pine/elm but with a fully free (GPL) license and more features. Some main features are:

Mutt claims to be only a MUA. Meaning that it won't directly talk to remote SMTP servers (for sending mail) or remote POP3 servers (for receiving mail). The authors consider that the job of a Mail Transport Agent. It does have the built-in ability to talk to sendmail (or similar) programs for sending mail or to retrieve mail it has a built-in ability to use IMAP servers or some other local mail format stored by some other program (e.g. fetchmail).


IMAP mailboxes are specified with an URL starting with imap://, usually in a format like:


The prefix imaps:// is used for IMAP over an encrypted SSL connection.

 send-hook [!]<pattern> <command>

<command> is executed when sending mail to an address matching <pattern>


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