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partclone refers to a family of command-line programs that copy the active blocks of a partition to or from a backup, or between partitions.

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The individual members of this family are:

  • partclone.btrfs
  • partclone.ext2, partclone.ext3, partclone.ext4 (all symbolic links to partclone.extfs)
  • partclone.fat32, partclone.fat12, partclone.fat16 (all symbolic links to partclone.fat)
  • partclone.ntfs
  • partclone.exfat
  • partclone.hfsplus (symbolic link to partclone.hfsp)
  • partclone.jfs
  • partclone.reiserfs
  • partclone.reiser4
  • partclone.ufs (with SU+J)
  • partclone.vmfs (v3 and v5)
  • partclone.xfs
  • partclone.f2fs
  • partclone.nilfs2
  • partclone.dd (for unsupported filesystems -- it copies all blocks)

They are listed together because aside from the name and the kind of partition they handle, and almost all have the same command-line interface and options (partclone.dd is missing some options).

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