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Ports is a package management system used in BSD operating systems.


Ports is a source-based package management system that queries the server and updates a local database describing each package and its current version, as well as tracking the installation history of packages installed using Ports. A user may refresh his ports database, upgrade all installed packages to their latest versions, add new packages, and remove installed packages from his system.

When adding new packages, the Ports system will download the appropriate source code, including any dependencies, build them in the proper order, and install the resulting binaries and documentation into the system tree, tracking the whole process for reversal and/or upgrade at a later date.

Other platforms

  • Gentoo's portage system is inspired by BSD Ports.
  • MacPorts is an Apple OS X (DarwinBSD derivative) that provides many popular GNU/Linux applications in an Apple-friendly Ports-like system.

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