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This article describes how you use the prism54 kernel module to get WLAN cards working.


You have your WLAN card built into your computer and you need to use the prism54 driver with it:

kolossus:~ # hwinfo --wlan
20: PCI 202.0: 0282 WLAN controller
 Driver: "prism54"
 Driver Modules: "prism54"
   Driver Activation Cmd: "modprobe prism54"

How to use it

Load the driver:

modprobe prism54

I assume your WLAN device is eth1. Check that it works correctly by doing a

iwlist eth1 scanning

If it does not work correctly and you see the following error message in your /var/log/messages: cannot find firmware file

Then get the firmware file from the internet ( and proceed according to the README file. In rare cases you will have to analyze where it searches for the file. To find, use

find -iname ""