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If you have a generic WLAN card that uses the prism 2 chipset, but are unable to use it in linux, i.e. when you plug it in, it flashes, but will not give a steady "on" light or something similar, you can try this simple fix:

boot your computer with the wireless card in the pcmcia socket

in a root console:

dmesg | grep "manfid"

you should see some output that lists your specific cards manufacturer id, using this number and a text editor modify the file /etc/pcmcia/config and add lines to the "wireless" section similar to the following, using your manfid.

card "Prism Wireless card"
manfid 0x50c2, 0x7300
bind "orinoco_cs" 

save it, and reboot, the card should work either if left in the machine, or hotplugged. Use iwlist or iwconfig to check its status.

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