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(R)ecovery (I)s (P)ossible! Linux, a.k.a. RIPLinux by Kent Robotti <krobotti-AT-nyc.rr-DOT-com>, is a live system rescue CD, which can also be installed to USB, for fixing problems when locked out of your Linux OS or recovering data from a disk crash, etc. The kernel has IDE/SATA/SCSI support, and also has LVM1/2, RAID, and Ethernet/Cable/DSL networking support.

These are some of the programs it contains, as stated in the RIPlinuX.txt file:

  • partimage, partimaged
  • parted
  • dump, restore
  • fsck.reiserfs, fsck.reiser4
  • fdisk, cfdisk, sfdisk
  • mke2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs, debugfs
  • jfs_mkfs, jfs_fsck
  • mkfs.xfs, xfs_repair, xfsdump, xfsrestore
  • cdrecord, dvdrecord, mkisofs, cdrskin
  • dvd+rw-format, growisofs
  • ntfsresize, mkntfs, ntfsclone, ntfsmount, ntfs-3g
  • lynx, links
  • mutt, fetchmail
  • ncftp, lftp
  • epic4 irc, naim, tmsnc
  • tin, slrn
  • wget, curl
  • zgv
  • testdisk
  • rsync
  • udp-sender/receiver
  • lde
  • blesstivo, rtvpatch, mfstool
  • chntpw, cmospwd
  • grub, grubconfig, lilo
  • smartctl
  • memtest86+
  • ddrescue, dd_rescue
  • acpitool, dmidecode, ethtool, lshw
  • mc, mcedit
  • star
  • kexec
  • lvm, evms, evmsn
  • ssh, sshd, telnet, putty
  • dmraid
  • zsplit, unzsplit
  • splitpipe, joinpipe
  • fscat
  • sshfs
  • mksquashfs, unsquashfs
  • dar
  • clamav
  • truecrypt

The programs (fetchmail, curl, wget, ssh/sshd, mutt, links, lynx, msmtp, tmsnc, slrn, epic, lftp, and FireFOX) have SSL support. Also included are the CD/DVD UDF filesystem packet writing tools (cdrwtool, mkudffs, and pktsetup). The 'ntfsresize' program non-destructively resizes Windows XP/Vista/2k/NT4 or Windows Server 2003 NTFS filesystems. Read /usr/doc/RIPLinuX/ntfsresize.txt on the rescue system. The 'ntfsmount' or 'ntfs-3g' program will enable you to write to a Windows NTFS filesystem.